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Lightning Stanley Cup tickets go on sale today


25 reasons to take money for Medicaid expansion

The Florida Legislature opens a special session Monday to write a state budget and resolve a health care crisis. The Senate offers a responsible bipartisan plan for Florida to become the 30th state to accept federal Medicaid expansion money. ...

  1. Tell Me About It: Friends harp on couple's age difference


    Q: I'm 46, dating a man who's 14 years older than I am. We were friends for years and years, when we were both married, and always liked each other enormously. He got divorced, and then later I did, and an affectionate friendship deepened until it was love. Which is great! And we're happy! And we're good for each …

  2. Editorial: St. Petersburg City Council boots it again on stadium stalemate


    The St. Petersburg City Council's dispiriting discussion this week failed to break the unproductive stalemate over a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays and redevelopment of the Tropicana Field site. But it was not a total loss. The rambling conversation revealed the lack of vision and sophistication of half of the …

    Four St. Petersburg City Council members fail to grasp the benefits of letting the Tampa Bay Rays look for stadium sites and redeveloping the Tropicana Field site. Clockwise from upper left: Steve Kornell, Jim Kennedy, Bill Dudley and Wengay Newton.
  3. The 10 worst hurricanes in Florida's history


    We haven't had one since 2005, but throughout Florida's history — or at least since meteorologists started keeping track — hurricanes have been a part of the state's identity. "It only takes one storm to change the landscape of a community," said Aaron Gallaher, communications director for the Florida …

    The Great Miami Hurricane -- Fifty years ago a killer hurricane bore down on Miami and when she left, 400 were dead, 18,000 homeless and damage was estimated at $100 million. This file photo shows destruction in an area of downtown Miami, near Flagler St. on the Miami river. 1976

Hurricanes: History, SEP 20 1976 AUG 9 1978
  4. Ruth: Medicaid expansion needs new name to win GOP appeal


    Sorry to ruin your day, but starting Monday the fate of nearly 20 million Floridians will be in the hands of the 160 members of the Florida Legislature, which is a bit like relying on a shark for swimming lessons.

  5. Graham: Fight to save the Everglades


    On Dec. 6, 1947, President Harry Truman was in Florida to celebrate the end of a 30-year struggle and to warn us about the future.

    In November, 75 percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 1. This support for Everglades restoration and land acquisition is a clear mandate, and we should not tolerate a failure to act.

    'Tweaked' hamstring sidelines Evans

    A Thursday OTA that began with the Bucs' first overall draft choice absent ended with one of its 1,000-yard receivers out of commission as well.

    WR Mike Evans exited in the waning stages of Thursday's non-padded workout with an apparent right hamstring injury, but Coach Lovie Smith didn't seem fazed afterward. Evans injured his left hamstring during the first OTA last year and missed an extended period of summer work.

    "My hammy is even a little sore right now. You get through it," Smith said. "You say he tweaked it last (summer), how did he do this past year? Pretty well (1,051 yards, 12 TDs), so it's not something we're concerned about at all. He tweaked it a little bit; he'll be fine."

    Also nursing a sore hamstring is second-round draft choice Ali Marpet, who didn't participate. The offensive lineman from Division III Hobart attended Thursday's workout, albeit in a baseball cap. His fellow second-round pick, Donovan Smith, logged some second-team reps at left tackle.

    "Offseason, every day I'm gonna talk about a little tweak, and that's about all it is. Eventually they'll get back."...


    Court says state can't ban slot machines in counties that approve them

    From the Associated Press:

    Slot machines could be coming to several Florida dog and horse tracks if a far-reaching court ruling holds.

    A Florida appeals court Friday ordered state regulators to award a license for slot machines to a north Florida facility located west of the state Capitol.

    The First District Court of Appeal ruled by a 2-1 margin that the state improperly denied a slot machine license to a horse track located in Gretna in Gadsden County.

    The court said the license should have been granted because Gadsden voters approved a referendum authorizing slots.

    The ruling could have a wide impact because voters in several other counties including Lee, Brevard and Palm Beach have approved similar referendums.

    State regulators had turned down the slot machine request due to a legal opinion by Attorney General Pam Bondi....


    For starters, Rays at Orioles

    DEVELOPING: The Rays are back at Camden Yards and will try to snap their six-game losing streak when they face the Orioles in the second game of a three-game series....