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So, what if South Florida did become the 51st state?

Attention shoppers, Nordstrom Rack is set to open Friday in Brandon


    GOP vote lead over Dems in Fla grows

    Marc Caputo crunches to numbers:

    More than 1.3 million Floridians have cast absentee and in-person early-vote ballots and Florida Republicans continue to have a strong lead over Democratic ballots cast: 142,000....


    'Sharknado 3' to be filmed in Florida, attack Orlando

    Florida, brace yourself for a snark attack, the Syfy Network has announced it will film Sharknado 3 in the Sunshine State for its 2015 release of the so-bad-it’s-gold series of logic-defying disaster movies starring a swirling cloud of killer sharks....



    If South Florida became the 51st state ...

    ... North Florida would struggle. That's my first thought....