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Don't be a bad neighbor: July Fourth etiquette rules for noise, fireworks


Dining Planner: Where to eat on the Fourth of July, plus a showing from Dr. BBQ


  1. Tell Me About It: Monetary gifts from relatives have a time limit


    While I'm away, readers give the advice.

    On phasing out monetary gifts for relatives who reach adulthood:

  2. Editorial video: Make St. Petersburg recycling easier


    Universal curbside recycling has finally started in St. Petersburg, but there are still a few bumps. While 40 percent of St. Petersburg residents have their trash picked up in the alley, the blue recycling bins are only being picked up on the street in front of houses. That is a problem in some neighborhoods. Watch this …

  3. Monday's letters: Florida's pressing need for clinics


    Scott jolts free health clinics | July 1

    Florida's health needs go unmet

  4. Column: Protecting the nation, protecting our liberty


    I used to believe there were flying saucers until I saw Ted Koppel interview "experts" on UFOs 19 years ago on his Nightline show. After hearing one of his guests spin a wide-ranging conspiracy theory that involved many high-level federal agencies in a purportedly monumental cover-up, Koppel, in his …

  5. Ruth: Clinton competes with Trump for loser of the week


    At first blush it might seem that GOP presidential beach ball Donald Trump had a pretty dreadful week. After painting Mexicans attempting to enter the United States as if they were from the vigilante recruitment scene of Blazing Saddles, The Dolt lost an estimated $50 million as various business partners rushed to …

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump lost an estimated $50 million as various business partners rushed to disassociate themselves from his remarks about Hispanics.

    100 Fourth of July sales you need to know about this weekend

    ’Merica! It’s that time again....


    Florida Democrats plot a path to relevance

    The rallying cry was familiar at Democrat Eric Lynn's congressional campaign kickoff last month in St. Petersburg. Florida Democrats don't win elections with their wallets, said Pinellas party chair Susan McGrath. "We win elections on the ground."...


    For starters, Rays at Yankees, trying to bounce back

    UPDATE, 10:37: Souza is back in Rays lineup, Forsythe gets a day off:...