Avalanche sweeps down Mount Everest, killing at least 12

NEW DELHI — The Sherpas always go first, edging up the deadly flank of Mount Everest while international clients wait for days in the base camp below. They set off in the dark, before …


Record Store Day tips, exclusives and parties

Our own Sean Daly serves up a veritable milk crate of Record Store Day 2014 tips, goodies, locations and more. Here's hoping you score the vinyl of your dreams. …


    Rays bats come alive in 11-5 win over Yankees

    At some point, Joe Maddon has insisted, the line drives will have eyes, the ground balls will find holes and the zeroes on the scoreboard will be replaced by heroes at the plate....


    Francisco Diaz, who rode his bike to Washington from Florida, outside the White House on Friday

    Florida man caps journey to urge Obama to stop deportations

    Francisco Diaz was never going to accomplish his goal Friday, but he pedaled up to the gate of the White House anyway, pressed the call button and told a guard he wanted to speak with President Obama. A guard told him he'd have to make an appointment....


    Yep, that's how we feel too, Olivia.

    'Scandal' season finale is a terrific, shocking end to season 3

    A less ambitious show would have saved the bomb for the end of its season finale....