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As death penalty debate reignites, Florida carves its own path

TALLAHASSEE — For nearly six months, the death chamber at Florida State Prison has remained empty. No prisoners have been executed, not since Jan. 15, when Johnny Kormondy — conv …


Facing life in prison, drug smuggler thinks of home in Pinellas County


PolitiFact Florida: Statement on Bush, tuition goes beyond numbers


  1. Tell Me About It: He compares his girlfriend to other women


    Q: How does one live happily with a partner without feeling like he/she is settling? I'd love to feel content and stable, but I still find myself comparing my two-year girlfriend to other women I meet. I feel terrible, but it's generally subconscious, and I don't know what to do about it.

  2. Top things to do in Tampa Bay the week of July 6-12


    America II: Extreme Mud Wars: This wildly popular day of mud slinging returns to Spa Beach on Saturday and Sunday with more than 600 people competing in ultimate football, an obstacle course, joust pit, belly bumper pit, mud tug-of-war, the eliminator, dodge ball and mud ball frenzy. It's free for spectators; …

    Vanja Kravarusic, 31, from St. Petersburg, is covered in mud as he emerges from crawling under a net while maneuvering through the obstacle course during the Tampa Bay Club Sport Extreme Mud Wars at Spa Beach Park in St. Petersburg Sunday afternoon (07/14/13). Kravarusic was one of six on team Tampa Muay Thai. The two day event included dodgeball, belly bumpers, joust, obstacle course, tug-a-war, eliminator, ball frenzy and football. All teams required six competitors (including at least two females).
  3. How to avoid your ex? It's called 'ghosting'


    It was not long ago that Sean Penn and Charlize Theron were a happy couple: appearing together at fashion shows and film festivals, hugging on the beach. Recently, though, it was reported that Theron had stopped responding to Penn's calls and text messages. She was "ghosting" him.

    What's ghosting?

  4. Keep your kids safe from drowning — train yourself


    Q: My 4-year old twins are crazy about swimming or floating or doing pretty much anything in and around water. On one hand, I'm thrilled. I swam in high school and college, and I'm looking forward to having them follow in my footsteps. On the other, I'm scared. I'm a stay-at-home mom, and there is no way I can …

  5. Timely Tendings: When to pick summer fruit

    Home and Garden

    How to tell ripeness of mangoes, avocados

    Times file (2011)

    100 Fourth of July sales you need to know about this weekend

    ’Merica! It’s that time again....


    Donald Trump: Jeb will never be able to secure borders, negotiate deals well, care for vets

    Jeb Bush denouncing Donald Trump's comments about illegal immigrants from Mexico, per the NY Times: “To make these extraordinarily ugly kind of comments is not reflective of the Republican Party....“He’s doing this — he’s not a stupid guy, so I don’t assume he thinks that every Mexican crossing the border is a rapist. He’s doing this to inflame and incite and to draw attention, which seems to be the organizing principle of his campaign,” Mr. Bush said....


    Souza has some concern over bruised, cut finger

    Though initial x-rays were negative, OF Steven Souza Jr. said he has some concern over his right pinkie, which was bruised and cut after being hit by a pitch in the eighth inning....