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In detail#16: National Caregiving Foundation

Also doing business as: National Foundation for Medical Research

National Caregiving Foundation was started in 1985 to provide grants and scholarships to individuals and groups dedicated to the study of cancer and other diseases.

In 1996, the Pennsylvania Attorney General reached a settlement with the charity stemming from its mail and phone solicitations. It "failed to ever conduct any research, provide any funding for research, (or) provide any grants or scholarships related to research," according to the agreement.

Afterward, the charity changed its mission. Today, its stated goal is to disseminate information about health issues and the plight of caregivers. The focus on education allows the charity to report some of the money it spends soliciting donations as money spent on charitable work. That's because solicitors can include educational statements when they reach out to potential donors at home.

The organization also provides a "caregiver support kit" on its website. The kit includes information about Alzheimer's disease.

National Caregiving Foundation runs an assisted living facility for the elderly and victims of catastrophic diseases. Its website provides no information about the facility or where it is located. Officials did not respond to requests for more information. The facility is largely supported through fees, not the money raised by professional fundraisers, according to a financial audit filed with regulators.

Executive Director Joseph R. Salta receives about $130,000 a year in salary and other compensation. He declined to respond to questions.

In their own words: the Charity's mission

National Caregiving Foundation was founded for medical, charitable and educational purposes. The mission of NCF is to meet both the direct and indirect needs resulting from the impact of catastrophic diseases on our society. This mission is accomplished by: 1. Disseminating education information; 2. Distributing support materials that ease the burden of those affected by the diseases; 3. Increasing public awareness of the impact diseases have on society; and 4. Providing funding for scientific and other research. NCF has focused its efforts on the Alzheimer's project which is a national effort to assist caregivers of Alzheimer's patients by providing support with information regarding living with victims and services available to the families of victims. Additionally, NCF seeks to raise the consciousness of the general public and decision-makers to bring Alzheimer's research into the national arena and to educate this audience to the debilitating effects of this disease on the patient and family. While emphasis has been placed on Alzheimer's disease, the foundation is concerned about caregivers of all diseases.

Unedited mission statements provided by the Colorado Secretary of State

National Caregiving Foundation

Known state disciplinary actions

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States bringing actions Number of known actions Outcomes Total fines
Pennsylvania 1 Fine/penalties $27,000

Fundraising and spending history

For years prior to 2008, cash raised from other sources might be included in the "cash raised by solicitors" column.

Year 990
raised by
was paid
Cash to
the charity
Cash to
direct aid
% cash to
direct aid
totals to
2012 pdf $2,267,031 $2,126,784 $140,247 $336,015 $49,581 2.19% $1,532,480
2011 pdf $2,212,848 $2,146,338 $66,510 $309,086 $0 0.00% $1,415,321
2010 pdf $1,820,057 $1,770,274 $49,783 $308,087 $51,144 2.81% $1,446,975
2009 pdf $1,730,017 $1,534,458 $195,559 $349,920 $0 0.00% $1,161,660
2008 pdf $1,427,510 $1,133,528 $293,982 $346,745 $0 0.00% $956,162
2007 pdf $584,284 $507,303 $76,981 $311,967 $0 0.00% $617,313
2006 pdf $1,510,739 $1,119,096 $391,643 $286,055 $188,074 12.45% $841,565
2005 pdf $2,716,834 $1,666,495 $1,050,339 $285,788 $193,793 7.13% $1,018,293
2004 pdf $3,219,397 $2,528,680 $690,717 $270,970 $0 0.00% $231,330
2003 pdf $3,510,945 $2,884,337 $626,608 $237,757 $180,286 5.13% $1,356,188
zTOTALS $20,999,662 $17,417,293 $3,582,369 $3,042,390 $662,878 3.2% $10,577,287

Who raised the money

Year Solicitor Cash raised Cash to solicitor Cash to charity % to charity Activity
2008 Newport Creative Communications $1,140,949 $912,580 $228,369 20.00% direct mail
2008 The Heritage Company $286,561 $220,948 $65,613 22.90% telemarketing
2009 The Heritage Company $587,298 $467,684 $119,614 20.37% telemarketing
2009 Newport Creative Communications $1,142,719 $1,066,774 $75,945 6.65% direct mail
2010 Newport Creative Communications $1,308,281 $1,152,008 $156,273 11.90% direct mail
2010 The Heritage Company $511,776 $618,266 $-106,490 -20.80% telemarketing