America's worst charities

Our ranking based on cash paid to solicitors in the past decade

The solicitorsPublic Safety

Fundraising history

Amounts cover only the years and charities shown and are not a full accounting of fundraising activity.

Year Client charity Cash raised Cash to solicitor Cash to charity % to charity Activity
2010 Shiloh International Ministries $12,312 $9,107 $3,205 26.03% phone sol
2010 Association for Firefighters and Paramedics $48,526 $42,864 $5,662 11.70% fundraising
2011 Shiloh International Ministries $84,531 $70,245 $14,286 16.90% phone solicitation
2011 Association for Firefighters and Paramedics $24,374 $21,693 $2,681 11.00% fundraising
TOTALS $169,743 $143,909 $25,834 15%

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