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Thursday's letters: We need more teachers like Michael Maynard

Published: March 23, 2016 Updated: March 23, 2016 at 10:07 PM

Tough teacher or harsh critic? | March 20

We need more teachers like him

Our schools are supposed to educate the students. Michael Maynard seems to be doing exactly that. His students' test scores are some of the best. So what do we do? We suspend him for three days because some students don't like being pushed to do their best.

I've taught for over 30 years. Students are now running the schools, not the teachers or administrators.

It appears from the article that Maynard is demanding of his students. Good for him. He makes them think as opposed to just rote memorizing. Good for him. Some students complain he is hard on them. Well, what do they think their boss will be like when they are done with school?

It is time we taught students at all levels that not everyone will cater to their wishes. Not all bosses will worry about their feelings. Not everyone will agree with them. Not everyone will go easy on them.

The students who can survive the demands of a high-quality, demanding teacher will do well in the real world. Those who can't will pay for being overly sensitive and/or lazy later on.

I support Maynard and wish the administration would welcome him back with open arms. We need more teachers like him.

Susan Long, Tampa

Hulk wins big: $115M | March 19

Lack of court decorum

I thought it was interesting that Hulk Hogan was allowed to wear his "do-rag" during the trial.

If he had been a black male, this would have been a huge issue. Likely the judge wouldn't have allowed in it the courtroom. And yet some people believe racism isn't real.

By the way, Hulk, we all know you are bald.

Anne Conklin, Bradenton

GOP Senate candidates differ on policy for Cuba | March 19

Don't limit right to travel

What right do any of these candidates — and the U.S. government — have in restricting the travel rights of Americans by making it criminal to travel to Cuba without "government authorization"?

I can understand limiting travel if we are in a declared war with a country, but otherwise U.S. citizens should have the basic right to travel without fear of prosecution.

I'll take the government of Cuba over that of Saudi Arabia any day. Saudi Arabia doesn't even allow women to drive — and that's only one unjust limitation they put on their citizens. We even sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, yet there is no restriction on travel to that dictatorship.

Restrictions on the right to travel anywhere, including Cuba, should be lifted. Where's the Supreme Court — which should be protecting these rights — when legislators take them away?

Steve Morrell, Bradenton

How Obama led to Trump | March 20, Perspective

Listening to the other half

America has been a light to all nations and provided opportunity to people like my father, who came here legally at age 14 from Italy. He received no aid. He was willing to work hard and sacrifice.

The resentment toward President Barack Obama is not all about a racial divide. It is about his attempt to level the playing field to a point of absurdity where those who apply themselves and study according to the rules are passed over for those who have not worked as hard nor sacrificed. Equality does not produce prosperity: Other people's money runs out (Margaret Thatcher).

The job creators who are denigrated by liberals help the lowest rungs of society. Our president refused to listen to worthwhile ideas from the other side while "using his pen." Donald Trump is a reaction to a president who refused to listen to 50 percent of the country.

Conservatives can make this country work better and help all people succeed regardless of color, ethnicity, religion or gender.

Jeanette Mellody, Tampa

Arguments fall flat

The writer claims that "the Affordable Care Act wasn't an imposition from the far left" but was "built out of proposals from the right and left, passed by a majority of Congress." The fact is that no Republican congressmen voted to approve this bill. Thus, there was zero support from the right.

Furthermore, all conservative input was met with obstruction. In fact, in a last-ditch effort to extend a symbolic olive branch to his opponents, Barack Obama held a meeting with GOP leaders. When Paul Ryan made suggestions, he was rebuffed and bluntly told by Obama that "the election is over." That is to say, I won, you lost; I do not need your advice.

Finally, to support the characterization of most Trump supporters as uneducated, racist, poor, white lunatics, there is a chart titled "Variables closely linked to a county's support for Trump." It states, "A correlation of 1 means the variable is a perfect indicator of Trump support." Then the chart lists eight variables, none of which meet the correlation threshold of 1.

I do not support Donald Trump. However, this article is journalistic bait and switch.

David Mokotoff, St. Petersburg