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Georgia man fried to death at Publix, wife sues

By Jack Paciotti, Times Staff Writer
Publix logo via Wikimedia Commons

A Georgia man died after falling into a deep fryer in a Publix in 2015. Now, his wife is filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the grocery chain, claiming the store was at fault when he fell into the fryer.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mansur Blount was cleaning the vent hood above a deep fryer at a Publix in Dacula, Georgia, when the cover gave way and his leg fell into the boiling hot oil. Blount suffered severe burns and died days later in an area hospital.

Blount's widow, Chrissie McGee Blount, claims that her husband was unaware of the hazard posed by the "thin metal cover" over the fryer.

Publix refused to comment on the case, per company policy, according to the AJC.