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Fishing company execs cut meeting short to fish from their balcony (w/ video)

Times Staff
Published: June 28, 2017
Luke Simonds poses with his balcony catch, a roughly three-foot snook. [Photo via YouTube]

For virtually every other company, this story would sound ridiculous. But for Salt Strong, a fishing company, it seemed to be another day in the life.

Part way through their morning meeting on the third floor of a Harbour Island building, one of them happened to be standing by the window. The fisherman "couldn't help but notice that there was a snook sitting right down near the water's edge waiting to ambush the bait fish," according to their blog.

Luke Simonds, one of the two founders of the company, called the meeting short so he could take a stab at catching the snook that taunted them from three floors down.

Simonds cast his line a couple times to no avail, but on the third throw, he managed to catch the fish.

One of the three ran down to secure the fish, and after a quick pose with the roughly three-foot snook, Simonds released the fish back into the water.