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On the Camino de Santiago, Day 32: A Tampa Bay woman completes her solo spiritual pilgrimage. Here are the things she'll remember

By Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi, Special to the Times
My compostela, certifying my successful completion of the Camino de Santiago, issued by the Pilgrim's Office in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. (Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi - Special to the Times)

Day 32 (Thursday, August 3): Santa Irene to Santiago: 23 km, 4.5 hours. Totals for Days 1-32 = 782 km (486 miles), 241 hours

Patricia. Pamela. Leurys. Anne, Dennis and their four beautiful daughters. Jean and Rennet. Billy, his brother and their father. Christina and her parents. James. The two men picking fruit from the tree for pilgrims passing by. The Italian girl who walked alone. Eryk. Bill and his great spirit. The boy selling lemonade from his garage. The Chicago family who carried four bottle of wine from Bordeaux. The four Spanish cyclists. Paudrick. Norri and Jerry. Tina. Megan. Noreen, Andrea and the two other Irish girls. Keaki. Mister Melon. Barbara. Orla. Juan. Thomas. The man on the street who gave me directions to the pool, asked about my life and my country's politics in Spanish. Luis Angel. The Canadian family with the grandfather, mom, dad, son and his girlfriend, and three children. Lee. Camille. Serena, Lourdes and her partner. Ellen. Valentina. Trevor. Donald. Grit. Francois. Agnish. Shenya. Frank. David. Lorraine. Pablo. The other lady from Italy. The South African sisters. Don and Diana. The two strong South Korean women with boiled eggs and potatoes. Karen. Kathy, Thomas and Sarah. Scott. The kind Irish teacher and the intense French man at dinner. The Canadian couple who teaches ASL. Vallario. The Hungarian girl and her sister. Roxanne. Elize and her mother. Simone. Conrad. Mantas. Lupo. Maria and her friend. Michelle. Allen and his dog. The snoring family. Steve and Julie. Brian. The pilgrim on the wrong side of the wire. Steve and his dog. Meghan and Ollie. Cuba. The Lithuanian girls. Marco. Dutchies. Mariona, her brother and their mother. The hospitalero who greeted me by name every time he saw me. The French woman who started from her home and the man who walked just as far from his. Thomas. Sarah Joy and Scott. Dr. Kim. Jeanine and Mike. David. Hideki. And Marco.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi – Special to the Times

My completed Camino passport (Credencial del Peregrino), with the official stamp of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

Kelly Osborne-Rozgonyi, 29, of St. Petersburg, FL., is a teacher at Country Day School in Largo, FL. She is currently in Europe walking the 500-mile Camino De Santiago. She is sending the Times a daily blog post about her solo journey, which is scheduled to last 33 days, ending on August 4, 2017. You can e-mail Kelly at [email protected]