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My First Car: '70 Chevy Monte Carlo, Scott Allen, 57, Seminole

'70 Chevy Monte Carlo

This was a great first car for a young man turning 16 in 1976. This was an era of "muscle cars" and "Stock Cars" (no one called it NASCAR back then) with Richard Petty being "The King," and thus, he had his own color named for him … Richard Petty Blue! My car was Richard Petty Blue and had stick-on pinstripes and air shocks that could raise the rear of the car with compressed air. The engine was a 350 V-8 and a trick to make the car sound fast was to turn the air filter cover upside-down, which would open up the carburetor. When you stepped on the gas it would make a roar like a larger 4-barrel carb, even though it was just a standard. It also had a custom 8-track tape player with Jensen speakers mounted in the back dashboard. I never got into any big trouble in this car, but I did find out later that the local police certainly noticed it coming down Gulf Boulevard and would watch to make sure I wasn't speeding.