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Hurricane Irma: Share your best tips for getting ready for the storm

Times staff
Published: September 6, 2017
Brett Sharp, 53, bought Snapple, Coke and Gatorade but could not find bottles of water at an east Hillsborough County Costco. Sharp said he is more concerned about his 85-year-old mother who lives in Palm Beach than he is for himself. [Jonathan Capriel | Times]

Hurricane Irma will most likely affect the Tampa Bay area, even if the storm goes up Florida's east coast. For many of us, it's not our first encounter with a hurricane. For others, we don't know whether we should pack up the kids and the cat and head for Georgia or try to ride out the storm.

To help, we are asking readers to share their best tips for preparing for a hurricane. We'll get you started with a few suggestions. Please add your tips down below in the Comments section.

And please, this is meant to be helpful. Keep it nice and let's not get into fights over politics.

So let's go:

1. Grab containers now, fill them with water and freeze them. They'll help preserve your perishable food if we lose power and as they melt you have drinking water.

2. Clean and fill your bathtub with water. Bonus tip: Put caulk around the drain plug before you fill the tub and that will help prevent the water from seeping out.

3. Toss your patio furniture in the pool to prevent it from blowing away.

4. As the storm gets closer, cook any meat that might spoil and freeze it.

Now, what are your suggestions. Please add them in the comments. (And really, keep it nice, please.)