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Start the day off right with a Pumpkin and Spice Breakfast Bowl

By Melissa díArabian, Associated Press
Published: October 25, 2017 Updated: November 9, 2017 at 04:17 PM
This Oct. 23, 2017 photo shows a pumpkin and spice breakfast bowl in Bethesda, Md. Loading up the freezer with these bowls is an excellent plan-ahead strategy, whether you‚\u0088\u009A¬Ę‚\u0080\u009A\u0082¬ \u0308‚\u0080\u009A\u0084¬Ęre a mom of four, or you just want to streamline your mornings. (Melissa D'Arabian via AP) MDMD201


All four of my daughters love frozen acai bowls because they feel like youíre eating ice cream for breakfast, except healthier. If you havenít hopped on the acai bowl craze, allow me to update you. Superfood acai berry puree is blended up with fruit ó usually berries or banana ó and then served thick, creamy and semifrozen, topped with granola, fruit, nuts or other goodies.

You can buy gorgeous berry-topped bowls at juice bars across the country, or make your own by blending up the base, pouring it into individual bowls and freezing. Once frozen solid, theyíll last for weeks.

But, youíll need to let it soften a little to achieve the desired consistency, which means this is a great make-ahead breakfast. Stock up the freezer with frozen bowls and pull them out as needed to thaw a few minutes on the counter. Just add toppings and eat.

Frozen bowls are also fantastic as a to-go snack in a lunch box: An ice pack slows down the thawing enough to have the bowl at the perfect texture about two hours later. And donít worry if you miss the mark. Even if it completely thaws, the bowl stays tasty, even if more smoothie-bowl-esque than ice-creamy.

Today, Iím winterizing this summertime treat by swapping out the acai and bringing in the beloved flavors of the season in my Pumpkin and Spice Breakfast Bowl. Pumpkin puree is not only perfectly seasonal, but it boasts a ton of vitamin A (more than a dayís worth in one serving) and a smattering of other vitamins, minerals and fiber. And, itís naturally sweet, so not a lot of extra sugar is needed to make this breakfast feel like more of an indulgence than it actually is. Loading up the freezer with these bowls is an excellent plan-ahead strategy, whether youíre a mom of four or you just want to streamline your mornings.