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Published: October 25, 2017 Updated: October 27, 2017 at 02:44 PM


is the minimum fine for using your smartphone in a crosswalk in Honolulu under a city ordinance that went into effect last week. Repeat offenders can be charged up to $99. Hawaii’s capital, which has a high pedestrian fatality rate, is the first major city to enact a "distracted walking" law.


of Americans identify as "middle class," according to a Gallup poll, although they don’t agree on what that means.

4,500 miles

is the rough maximum distance that even a careful bicyclist is likely to travel before crashing.


of apartments nationally are affordable for very low-income families, according to a new report by Freddie Mac. That number was 11.2 percent seven years ago, pointing to the increasing difficulty of finding affordable housing.


of Americans believe that it is morally acceptable for married men and women to have an affair, according to a Gallup poll. More people than that believe that polygamy is okay (14 percent) or even cloning humans (13 percent).