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Captain’s Corner: Lower water temperature makes speckled sea trout reliable target

By Rob Gorta, Times Correspondent

The gulf water temperature has dropped significantly in the past week. This will cause speckled sea trout to become a reliable target. Wind can be your friend when targeting sea trout. It allows you to set up a drift on deep grass flats so a large area can be targeted. On days with a bright sunny sky, it is easy to find deep grass. The darker patches are the grassy areas; the lighter areas are sandy bottom. I stay away from sandy bottoms; they usually donít produce what you want to catch. On cloudy days, I use my bottom machine. A sandy bottom is a flat line; deep grass will have a thick, jagged line. All grass flats have "sand holes." I will work the edges and middle. Trout are always lingering on the edges waiting to ambush prey. Small craft advisories in the past week have led to all my charters cancelling. I use this time to catch up on maintenance. I reline reels, thoroughly wash everything, open the hatches and dry out the boat.

Rob Gorta charters out of St. Petersburg. Call him at (727) 647-7606 or visit