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Captain’s Corner: Cold front should push fish into backcountry waters

By Tim Whitfield, Times Correspondent

The approaching front is forecast to drop temperatures for a couple of days. This should push more fish into the backcountry rivers and creeks that feed the bay. Once the front passes and the weather stabilizes, fishing should return to normal. This is a good time to break out artificial baits. For soft plastics, the Shad Tail-type baits are a favorite. Rigged on a 1/8-ounce jighead, these baits can be worked in a jigging motion or a steady retrieve. Though the steady retrieve is simple, itís also very effective. Figure out how fast you need to reel the bait to keep it off the bottom and make the tail move. Spoons in gold or bronze are also great choices after a front pushes through. The flash attracts predators and can induce a reactionary strike. Many anglers work a spoon too fast. Slow the presentation until the spoon starts bumping grass and bottom, then go a bit faster. Thatís the sweet spot. All the inshore species will blast a spoon. Itís one of the oldest artificial baits around. Look in holes near river and creek mouths to find fish. They will duck in there for cover on cold days and venture around the outer areas during a warming trend.

Tim Whitfield can be reached at (813) 714-0889 or [email protected]