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Got time for a Belouis Some story?

By Steve Spears

Our Lost and Found columnist Kevin Wuench returns today with this history lesson:

Perhaps you are one of those deranged individuals that love shopping on Black Friday or scouring the internet for cyber deals. In the '80s, could it be that teens in the '80s had Swatches on their Santa lists? Some people probably did, and by Some People I mean Belouis Some.

The video for Some People by Belouis Some is entertaining enough to stand on its own but is enhanced by the involvement of Swatch. We've featured Belouis Some many years ago on Lost and Found with his racy video for Imagination and today we feature the follow-up single entitled Some People.

The video starts off with Belouis Some being the bow-tied pied piper drawing out the joyous young person in every grizzled adult. I didn't pick up on it until a tip from Dr. Incognito and his 80s Hades radio show, but it's curious to spy that many of the young dancers in Some People are wearing watches – but probably not any watch – swatches.

Swatch was an business born in Switzerland in the '80s and brought back Swiss time back to the forefront of the wrist watch industry after digital watches were all the rage in the '70s. Named Swatch as a shortening of "second watch," the company attached itself to the video for Some People including a commercial and refilming of the video to further highlight youthful, happy people wearing Swatches.

Some People was a Top 40 hit in his native England and was a Top 10 Dance hit in the U.S. and Swatch is still going strong with 80 stores in the U.S. alone – and of course an online store for cyber shoppers.