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Captain’s Corner: Speckled sea trout can be easily caught on artificial lures

By Rob Gorta, Times Correspondent

Speckled sea trout are one of the most reliable targets this time of year. Grass flats are usually empty because of extreme low tides. That causes higher concentrations of fish on the edges and in the deeper grass flats. No live bait is needed. A red quarter-ounce jig head with eyes painted on rigged with a soft plastic tail is my favorite. A heavier jig sinks too fast, and a lighter jig cannot cast as far. My choice of colors for tails are root beer, white and chartreuse. The tail can be a shrimp look­alike, eel type, paddletail grub or minnow type with a swimming tail. Trout like to shake their heads vigorously out of the water when hooked, so use fast-acting glue to keep the tail in place. Topwater plugs are my next favorite.

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