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New podcast: ‘The Untouchables’ turns 30

By Steve Spears

"A man becomes preeminent, he's expected to have enthusiasms. Enthusiasms, enthusiasms… What are mine? What draws my admiration? What is that which gives me joy? Baseball! A man stands alone at the plate. This is the time for what? For individual achievement. There he stands alone. But in the field, what? Part of a team. Teamwork… Looks, throws, catches, hustles. Part of one big team. Bats himself the live-long day, Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and so on. If his team don't field… what is he? You follow me? No one. Sunny day, the stands are full of fans. What does he have to say? I'm goin' out there for myself. But… I get nowhere unless the team wins."

You know what happens next. Whammo!

The Untouchables was released to theaters 30 years ago, and still the first thought when most people hear its name is the baseball bat scene. But not me. I save all my emotion for the big Sean Connery death scene.

"Ness! What are you prepared to do?!?"

In this week's episode of Stuck in the '80s, we go back 30 years to examine the masterpiece that was The Untouchables. Unlike so many other movies we honor on our show, The Untouchables is thankfully still available to watch online (on Amazon Prime, at least). I spent the weekend watching it over and over again, rewinding and enjoying all the choice quotes.

Is it the ultimate gangster flick of the '80s? We say so. (Sorry, Scarface fans.)