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For FSU fans: A beginner’s guide to Taggart-speak

By Joey Knight
Think you're ready for Willie Taggart, FSU fans? Then you need to get the lingo down first. (Octavio Jones, Times)

Like many of his peers, new FSU coach Willie Taggart comes equipped with his own personal lingo. So as a public service, we're offering this primer on Taggart-speak. Be ready to hear and/or read these next few phrases ad nauseum.

1. "Have a great day if you want to." — the sentence Taggart will use to end darn near every interview

2. "Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind." — gleaned from Jack Harbaugh, Taggart's coach at Western Kentucky and still one of the greatest influences of his life

3. "We heal differently around here." — Taggart's trademark response to any question about player injuries

4. "The spotlight does strange things to people." — referring to players who practice well but don't show up in games, and vice versa

5. "Do something." — the quintessential Taggart mantra (he even had it painted on the bumper of his personal parking space at USF)

6. "Who has it better than us? Nobody." — a frequent Taggart saying when he was at USF (and probably Oregon and Western Kentucky)