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Website declares Publix subs the 'country's best sandwiches'

By Times staff
A Publix chicken tender sub. And yes, whoever ordered this wanted the combo today.

Floridians love their Publix sub sandwiches, but the national food, drink and travel website is doing its part to spread the gospel of Pub subs to the rest of the nation, writing that "The Country's Best Sandwiches Are Made by This Florida Grocery Store Chain."

Yes, this was the year that we lamented the end of the free sample slice of meat at the Publix deli counter, and one reader told us that their top grievance of 2017 was that the grocery chain had phased out sandwich presses in favor sandwich toasters, but Thrillist writer Jason Diamond talked with several Florida natives about their love and nostalgia for the custom made subs.

The story notes the many Facebook fan pages dedicated to Pub subs, including some for individual sandwich varieties, and this four-minute song about them as evidence of their extreme popularity.

We're particularly big fans of this song, dedicated to chicken tender subs, but check YouTube, there are many to pick from in various genres.

They also forgot to mention what might have been Pub subs most high-profile moment yet, when Broad City's Florida episode brought Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer to Florida, where they sang a song that included a mention of Publix (which they pronounced Pube-lix) and carried sub sandwiches as they blissfully walked in the sunshine. 

Though it would have been even better had Publix allowed them to shoot inside of a store.

In the end, despite the different regions of Florida being so different, the Thrillist story suggests that Pub subs might be the state's one uniting factor, because one thing you can count on here is "that you'll be able to walk into one of the many clean, well-lit, Publix stores scattered across the state and order a sub exactly as you like it."