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Tell Me About It: Prospect of dogs at work doesn’t sit well

By Carolyn Hax, Washington Post
Published: January 2, 2018

Prospect of dogs at work doesnít sit well

Earlier this week, management said they were considering allowing people to bring their dogs to work and were open to comments on the matter. People got really excited, especially three people on my team.

I do not like dogs. Iím not allergic, I just prefer not to be around them. Service or therapy dogs, I would be fine with.

I want to approach them with my concerns, but I am worried about backlash. I am considering asking management to designate a few days a month, but not to make it daily.


A: Sounds fine. Or how about a trial period ócanine Fridays? ó so you can see how it goes?

I am pro-dog but amazed at how inconsiderate people are about foisting them on others, particularly with allergies but also with anyone whoís not a fan.

Phone-addicted friend may get hung up on

Q: I have a friend who admittedly suffers from smartphone addiction. We will be at dinner before the theater and he will text as though Iím not at the table across from him, show me pics of his boyfriend and side piece, more pics of cats and grandchild.

I have things going in my life, but I canít speak of them between digital noise and verbal restreams. My instinct is to be perpetually unavailable, but welcome any suggestions.


A: The phone problem is easy, especially given his addiction admission. Say you wonít dine with him unless he turns it off and puts it away-away. You have that right.

If he refuses, then, huzzah, that solves the other problem of disengaging from a friend you clearly donít like.

If he agrees, then at least find out if killing the phone revives the conversation. Itís not an unheard of result. And donít be afraid to say outright that youíd cherish a turn to speak.