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The world’s wordiest band still stuck by its ‘Rules and Regulations’

By Steve Spears

It's a brand new year for Stuck in the '80s and columnist Kevin Wuench has returned to give us our first history lesson for 2018:

During these starts to new years, we often reflect on our carefree teenage years and realize how we've become responsible adults. We show up at our jobs and pay our taxes, but now that we are adults, perhaps there's a part of us that may want to rebel against "the man" and what better way to start up a little anarchy by bobbing along with We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It and Rules and Regulations.

Back in 2013, we featured the wordy English girl band We've Got A Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use It and their fun Love Is A Slug from 1986. Earlier in 1986, Fuzzbox hit the U.K. charts for the first time with Rules and Regulations.

The video for Rules and Regulations is advertised as a Fuzzbox home movie with the girls mugging for the camera sporting their post-punk hair and just having fun in general while singing that there must be more to life than rules and regulations.

Even though it's been almost five years since we last featured Fuzzbox, not much has changed as lead singer Vix (Vickie Perks) is still leading Fuzzbox although guitarist Jo Dunne passed away in 2012.