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Pasco predictions for 2018 look kind of familiar

By C.T. Bowen
Our columnist predicts Robert Strickland Park at Hudson Beach will be closed in 2018 due to high bacteria counts in the water. It is a safe prediciton as the state Health Department issued health warnings for the swimming area from June 12 to late October in 2017. TIMES files (2010)

The better-late-than-never, just-for-fun predictions for 2018:

• The Pasco County government idea of changing the name of Holiday will be short-lived.

For proof, it should be noted that Commissioner Jack Mariano already signaled his desire to wrap up the debate quickly.

• Jack Mariano’s memory is working just fine.

The commissioner’s push to cut-off a prolonged debate over Holiday shows Mariano enters 2018 with still-lingering memories of the years-long dispute over exactly where the boundary for Land O’Lakes ends and where the imaginary starting line for Wesley Chapel begins.

• The plan to ask voters to decide on a new tax to pay for Pasco’s parks, recreation and libraries will be decided on a 3-2 commission vote.

Outcome to be determined.

• "Fill the swamp’’ will not be Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran’s political slogan for 2018.

• The swimming area at Robert J. Strickland Park at Hudson Beach will be closed at some point due to bacteria pollution.

Why interrupt the streak this summer? In 2017, the beach was under a health advisory from June 12 through late October.

• Someone will send me, anonymously, of course, a dossier compiled by a private investigator or political operative that says a particular candidate for public office this year is a tax cheat/low-life/dead beat/bar fly/job jumper/educational fraud/litterbug who is unworthy to be elected.

Three such packages landed on my desk in 2016 including one that contained little more than photocopies of stories I’d written previously. If you’re going to pay somebody to do opposition research, at least get some original work for your money.

• A Tampa Bay area chapter of the San Francisco Giants fan club will gain popularity.

• A Brooksville chapter of the Tampa Bay Rays fan club will, too.

• More restaurants will be announced for the Cypress Creek Town Center because, you know, 15 eateries along a half-mile stretch of road just aren’t enough.

• Speaking of appetites, there will be no shortage of a hunger for doughnuts and thirst for Grey Goose vodka in Tallahassee this legislative session.

• Commissioner Jack Mariano will be on the short-end of a 4-1 vote.

• An Olympic champion will visit Pasco County.

• I will receive an email solicitation that begins "Dear c.’’

• I also will receive an email referring to me as a "liberal,’’ followed by a vulgarity.

• A college football coach will be fired.

• His former team will go to a bowl game, anyway. Nobody will watch.

• Someone who purchased a home in a subdivision developed on former ranch land will ask why Pasco County allows so many other people to do likewise.

• Somebody else will complain it takes too long to get building permits in Pasco County.

• There will be a traffic study.

• Traffic flow will not improve. Anywhere.

• The crowds at the mall will be smaller next week than they were last week.

• The pace of redeveloping west Pasco will continue to annoy plenty of people who will forget that the plan for the area, dubbed the Harbors west market area, is envisioned to take 50 years to implement.

• The Tampa Bay Lightning will win the Stanley Cup.

• The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not win the Super Bowl.

• "Kicking the can down the road’’ will no longer be Pasco’s most popular slogan.

• Someone will put #fakenews on a tweet referencing this column.

• People will take these forecasts way too seriously.

I know. I’ve been wrong before.

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