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Thanks Twitter: Fakesters pose as jackpot winner Shane Missler

By Colleen Wright
Published: January 16, 2018 Updated: January 16, 2018 at 07:17 PM
Fake Twitter accounts have surfaced claiming to be Shane Missler, the 20-year-old Mega Millions winner from New Port Richey. A tweet by @Shane_MissIer promised $5,000 to the first 50,000 people who favorited or retweeted that tweet. Missler's real account is @TheShaneMissler.

Jackpot winner and Florida man Shane Missler wants to leave behind a legacy with his winnings.

But he wonít be doing that by doling out cash to Twitter followers.

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An account cunningly named @Shane_MissIer tweeted over the weekend that it will give $5,000 to the first 50,000 tweeters who like or retweet that tweet.

Despite being obviously fake, it worked: more than 50,000 people retweeted and over 60,000 favorited the tweet by 1 p.m. Tuesday.

One user even tweeted at the account, begging for cash for a new car. The account responded, instructing the petitioner to send a direct message.

And because itís Twitter, after all, other users trolled some by posting doctored screenshots showing that they had received $5,000 from Missler.

One caveat: $5,000 multiplied by 50,000 people equals $250 million. That far exceeds the real Misslerís winnings after federal taxes, which is $211,406,249.25.

The account appeared to have been deleted as of Tuesday.

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Itís fake accounts like these that made the real Shane Missler pin a tweet to the top of his profile.

"Again, thank you all for tuning in," he tweeted late Friday. "This journey has only just begun, mark my words. Unfortunately many fake accounts have already circulated. My only active and real accounts are Instagram and Twitter both @TheShaneMissler #GratefulBeyondWords."

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Maybe those eager for a handout should heed Misslerís advice: stay positive.

"If there is one thing I have learned thus far in my short time on this earth it is that those who maintain a positive mindset and stay true to themselves get rewarded," Missler, formerly of Port Richey, said in a statement released Friday. "I look forward to the future."

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