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Pasco Letters to the Editor for Jan. 19

Published: January 16, 2018

Re: Walking leads to shocking catalogue of trash | Jan. 12 column

Bring back anti-littering campaign

Just came back from the beautiful, clean city of Singapore, where there is a $1,000 fine, plus community service for littering. I think a presidential campaign should champion an attitude adjustment about respecting where we live.

The "Keep America Beautiful" commercial from the 1970s with Iron Eyes Cody should be a fixture on today’s media.

Joe Crowell, New Port Richey

Pasco mentors are heroes to local children

Each January, Take Stock in Children celebrates Mentor Appreciation Month, a month devoted to the dedicated men and women in our Pasco community who volunteer their time while playing a vital role in their mentee’s success.

As Executive Director for Pasco County’s Take Stock in Children, a program of the Pasco Education Foundation and partnered with Pasco County Schools, I am appreciative of the 130 caring individuals in Pasco County who provide motivation, encouragement and friendship to our scholars. Mentors make the difference that will last a lifetime.

Take Stock in Children is a statewide program giving students whose families meet income eligibility guidelines an opportunity to receive a scholarship in partnership with the Florida Prepaid College Foundation. Ninety-five percent of the scholars are in the first generation of their family to attend college.

Thanks to these dedicated mentors, for they are truly Pasco County’s heroes.

(To become a mentor, visit

Rosanne Heyser, Pasco Education Foundation