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Pasco Letters to the Editor for Feb. 9

Published: February 5, 2018

Re: Survey says: ‘Yes’ for parks and libraries | Feb. 2

Death by a thousand cuts is the way I feel.

The library head says there are over 200,000 card holders. Has the list ever been purged? People come and go.

When they talk about funding for parks and libraries, they are not specific about how the money is to be spent and if it is necessary. Compared to other needs in Pasco, what’s needed most?

As a resident taxpayer in Pasco County, I am against the increase. They tend to minimize the monthly cost. In other counties in Florida, there are multiple MSTU (Municipal Service Taxing Units) on top of regular real estate taxes. Unfortunately, the lemmings often vote for more taxes. The Penny for Pasco never ends.

Too many Pasco residents live on small incomes, and many retirees don’t get pay raises. The insatiable appetite for additional taxes is typical of politicians.

Frank Hill, Hudson

Re: Walk leads to shocking catalogue of trash | Jan. 11 column

Yes, as a fairly new resident of Pasco County, there seems to be an influx of trash on our road shoulders, medians and highway bushes. In our area, we have a handful of citizens who pick up regularly around our community, along with our quarterly clean-up close to our community.

Can Pasco County utilize inmate trustees or people doing community service to assist with clean-up?

Pasco County, please make it a goal that all your field vehicles on the road pick up daily the signs that people post on poles or stick in the ground; this is another form of trash.

Pasco County has a new tourism director to attract more people to our county. Please start with cleaning up all our roadways of trash, including back roads. Remember, people use them as a cut-through.

I have a pick-up truck and, on several occasions, I have dropped off to the dump items I find on the road: TVs, printers, tires, along with the usual roadside litter.

Pasco County, please consider "Green Up Day" quarterly for citizens to volunteer to pick up trash.

D. Volpe, Hudson