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Ernest Hooper: If you want a great Florida, tax reasonably

By Ernest Hooper | Times Columnist
Published: February 5, 2018

Florida Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran says instead of offering tax incentives to lure businesses such as Amazonís HQ2 to build here, the state can attract companies with low crime, low taxes, low regulation, good infrastructure and a great education system.

From my perspective, weíre 2-for-5 on that list, and it might be because of an obsession with lower taxes.

If we had sensibly low taxes instead of skate-by-with-ridiculously-cheap taxes, weíd have better infrastructure, lower crime and an education system thatís not constantly undermined by the Legislature.Ö

Is it just me, or did someone else think USF St. Petersburg is doing just fine with independent status? Ö

If the NFL doesnít come up with a viable way to make the game safer ó a space-age protective helmet? ó Iím going to have to start watching the Hallmark Channel on Super Bowl Sunday. Ö

Seen on a neon sign: Can You Stand Perfectly Still And Hold This Moment Open. Ö

The Bernís Winefest, scheduled for April 15-22, sold out all but one event in less than 60 seconds last week. Proceeds benefit the Bern Laxer Memorial Scholarship fund via the James Beard Foundation.

The Winthrop Arts Festival & Artisan Market, March 23-24 in Riverview, is offering more than $5,000 in prize money. If starving artists are still a thing, they might want to visit Ö

Congressman Matt Gaetz, R-Fort Walton Beach, brought a known white nationalist and Holocaust denier to the State of the Union address. Can we trade him to Alabama for a politician to be named later?

Thatís all Iím saying.