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Hernando Letter to the Editor for Feb. 23

Times Staff
Published: February 20, 2018

Re: Hernando business leaders push to loosen development rules | Feb. 9; Re: Deny Brooksville mine expansion, planning commissioners say | Feb. 16

Wish to register my opposition to both the draft of the new Hernando County Comprehensive Plan that eliminates protections for residential communities and the environment, as well as the Cemex Mine expansion request that goes before the Hernando County Commission in the next several weeks.

Hernando County does not need more growth, which leads to more highway congestion, higher taxes, increased crime; nor the construction of more homes and buildings and the establishment of more business corridors. Our county is a jewel-in-the-rough with regard to having a semi-rural community, a more tranquil way of life and a safer environment than the larger urban areas. Noise, pollution, traffic and violence are unwelcome.

The business community’s selfish desire to loosen comprehensive plan restrictions for purposes of profit and greed have no place now, nor in the future for Hernando County.

The expansion efforts of the Cemex Mine company is just one indication of what is to come regarding attacks on our environment, residential noise, and on our health and safety. We need to protect our water, air and land, and the threat to fish and wildlife habitat in our rivers, lakes, streams and natural Gulf coastline.

Brian Moore, Spring Hill