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Texas A&M gave Jimbo Fisher a national championship plaque. Just add the year (and wins)

By Matt Baker | Colleges Reporter
Published: February 28, 2018
Jimbo Fisher can celebrate another national championship, apparently, just like the one he won at Florida State. Except fake. [ AP file photo ]

Jimbo Fisher joined illustrious company Wednesday by winning a national championship at his second school.

Fisher's accomplishment is far more impressive than the likes of Nick Saban or Urban Meyer; the former Florida State coach won his second title without even coaching a game at Texas A&M.

He has the plaque to prove it.

Here's the story, as told by SB Nation's Texas A&M site, Good Bull Hunting.

A&M chancellor John Sharp was honoring Texas A&M-Commerce's Colby Carthel, who just won the Division II national title. Sharp then gave Fisher a plaque honoring his not-yet-won national title for the Aggies.

"The only difference between Colby's and yours," Sharp told Fisher, "is you get to fill in the date."

Literally. The plaque just says 20– on it. Not sure what happens if Fisher lives forever and wins one in 2113.

"I hope I fill in a couple," Fisher replied.

So move over, UCF. The offseason has a new champion in self-claimed national championships. Congratulations, Aggies.