Monday, March 19, 2018


Captainís Corner: Snook, trout out in abundance as spring approaches

Captainís Corner: Snook, trout out in abundance as spring approaches

March is here, and the weather is great. This month is when we make that change toward spring fishing. Snook really ramps up, and trophy trout mixed with good redfish are not far behind. Snook has to be the most targeted fish for March. Just about ev...
Published: 03/09/18

Captainís Corner: Cold fronts might be a blessing for fishing

So much for getting too hot too fast. It was a concern a couple of weeks ago when water temperatures were flirting with 80 degrees in some areas. We worried that the masses of kingfish might blow right by us as they sought that 70-75 temperatures the...
Published: 03/07/18
Updated: 03/08/18

Captainís Corner: The right location means big trout numbers

It is peak time for catching large numbers of trout. A "spring thing" right now, it is not unusual to put up a big number with a number of quality-sized fish being caught. This should continue for another two months. For tackle and techniques, trout ...
Published: 03/05/18
Updated: 03/07/18

Captainís Corner: Time running out for divers to pursue lobsters

Lobster season is open until the end of March and divers are trying to get in some time to look for the last of the Florida spiny lobsters. Divers in the eastern Gulf of Mexico have done well, since the offshore water clarity finally cleared from Hur...
Published: 03/04/18
Updated: 03/05/18

Captainís Corner: Mackerel make an early appearance

With air and water temperatures warmer than normal, the spring mackerel run is headed for an early start. Spanish mackerel are showing up in good numbers on the beach and on wrecks offshore in less than 60 feet. There also have been scattered schools...
Published: 03/03/18
Updated: 03/04/18

Early spring weather has the flats in North Pinellas jumping. As usual for this time of year, trout in St. Joseph Sound have been a main target. Although consistent, the numbers are not as good as years past. However, schools are moving in and out. T...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Cooler temperatures help keep water perfect for fishing

With a record-breaking February behind us, cooler air temperatures this week will help keep the water at a perfect temperature. It was what we needed to keep things in balance. Bait has been hanging on the bridges in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg all ...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Redfish schools coming into the flats

Redfish schools have started to invade the flats. They have seemed to pass up the Skyway bridge area and head into upper Tampa Bay. I start early in the morning by throwing my 12-foot custom cast net under one of the many bridges. I pick the brightes...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Warm weather has hungry snook leaving safe havens

Summer-like temperatures have encouraged snook to leave the safe haven of their wintering haunts for surrounding grass flats and their mangrove shorelines. The snook are looking to bulk up after an extremely cold January and at the right time and tid...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: For next few months, trout is a great target

It is prime time for catching quality trout, our most abundant fish, pretty cooperative and easy to catch most of the time. Make long casts and move lures slowly to connect with big Tampa Bay trout. Lures work just as well as bait for trout. Go with ...
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