Tuesday, November 21, 2017


Captainís Corner: Kingfish domination

With calm seas and water temperature just the way they like it, kingfish will dominate much of the nearshore and offshore activity. Light wind and strong tides from the weekendís full moon have allowed nearshore waters to cleanse, so baits are being ...
Published: 11/08/17
Captainís Corner: November means strong snook fishing

Captainís Corner: November means strong snook fishing

November is the month that moves most inshore fish from the flats to the backcountry creeks, docks and rivers. Itís a month when you can enjoy great weather and great fishing without waking up at the crack of dawn. The South Shore in particular has s...
Published: 11/07/17
Updated: 11/09/17

Captainís Corner: Better late than never as flounder invade area waters

It took all year, but it has finally happened. Flounder have invaded Tampa Bay waters. They usually arrive in late spring or early summer. This year, they just hadnít come in. They are now here. The big trick is finding the larger fish. Baby flounder...
Published: 11/07/17

Captainís Corner: Fishing hot on the flats

A nice warm-up between fronts this week has made for some very good flats fishing. Snook, trout and Spanish mackerel are easy targets throughout Old Tampa Bay. Bait stocks remain strong in Tampa Bay for now. Mixed sizes of pilchards can be found just...
Published: 11/05/17
Updated: 11/06/17

Captainís Corner: Spearfishing conditions improving

For spearfishing, underwater visibility is much better, and some offshore areas are loaded with fish. Gag groupers have been found by our divers in most depths, but recently, areas 50 feet and shallower are holding most of them. Visibility is better ...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: How to get fish to bit when water is clear

Stable conditions have allowed the waters to clear after a few windy days. Sighting fish on the flats has become easier, but getting them to bite in clear water with a blue sky can be difficult. I have reduced my leader size to 20-pound fluorocarbon ...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Cold front heats up inshore bite

Ever since the cold front last week, the inshore bite has been on fire. The water is starting to clear up after the high winds. The fish are starting to get acclimated to the drop in water temperature. Snook are eating everything in sight, trying to ...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Lower water temperature makes speckled sea trout reliable target

The gulf water temperature has dropped significantly in the past week. This will cause speckled sea trout to become a reliable target. Wind can be your friend when targeting sea trout. It allows you to set up a drift on deep grass flats so a large ar...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: A special time for fishing is upon us

Blustery days have ushered us directly into fall fishing patterns. Iím often asked whatís the best time of year to fish the Tampa Bay area. My answer is spring and fall, anytime around Easter and anytime around Thanksgiving. The air temperatures are ...
Updated one month ago

Captainís Corner: Changing winds will improve conditions for mackerel fishing

Changing conditions from a cold front Sunday should improve in the next couple of days. The strong west wind made offshore fishing all but impossible. Prior to the front, many anglers found king mackerel fairly close to the beach. Later this week, th...
Updated one month ago