Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Captain’s Corner: Cold water temperatures take toll on jack crevalle, snook

Frigid water temperatures have thrown a cold blanket over inshore fishing. With flats temperatures in North Pinellas dipping below 50 degrees at one point, virtually everything left the shallows. We spent Monday looking for speckled trout in grassy lagoons and came up empty. We did not even see a trout all afternoon. Several of the flats near the Anclote River were littered with dead jack crevalle and snook, all casualties of last weekendís freezing temperatures. We also saw stunned snook slowly wobbling around on the surface, hopefully recovering from the worst part of the cold. These fish wonít bite, and theyíre barely clinging to life, so we prefer to leave them alone and not cast at them. There are few options right now. Redfishing around docks in deeper canals water can be decent. Using live shrimp on the bottom with minimal weight can produce small- to medium-sized reds. Quite often black drum and sheepshead will grab your bait and can help make a good day out of it. Power plant fishing near Anclote is not what it used to be. The outfall water is not as warm as it was a few years ago and therefore does not stack the fish up as much. There has been some decent trout action in the west end of the outfall canal for anglers drifting live shrimp near the bottom. If temperatures begin to climb, look for fish to gradually move back out onto the open flats. Until then, fishing will remain rather slow, with the best action in protected waters.

Ed Walker charters out of Tarpon Springs. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Captainís Corner: Whatís happening with the redfish?

Captainís Corner: Whatís happening with the redfish?

Fall is when adult redfish return from the open gulf and spawn just offshore of the major estuaries. These breeders rarely come back inshore to the flats where they spend their first 3-4 years of life. Once they mature, usually at around 30-32 inches...
Published: 11/10/18
Updated: 11/11/18
Captainís Corner: Snook fishing has been strong

Captainís Corner: Snook fishing has been strong

This year continues to bring challenges for the bay areaís guide business. What most donít realize is how good fishing is inside Tampa Bay. Most of the bay it is free of Red Tide and full of marine life. In fact, I have notice that the clean areas ar...
Published: 11/08/18
Updated: 11/09/18

Captainís Corner: Tips for Old Salt King of the Beach kingfish tournament

The Old Salt King of the Beach kingfish tournament is this weekend, and there are plenty of reasons to think itís going to take a fish in the 40-pound range to wear the crown. Last Sunday was the final leg of this yearís Wild West kingfish tournament...
Published: 11/07/18
Updated: 11/08/18

Captainís Corner: A welcome return of flounder to Tampa Bay

It has been two years but flounder have again become an option around Tampa Bay. If you know where to go for the under≠utilized species, you can have excellent flounder action. Theyíre easy to catch but challenging. I call it flounder frustration: Yo...
Published: 11/05/18
Updated: 11/07/18
Captainís Corner: Low tides offer good snook, redfish and trout fishing

Captainís Corner: Low tides offer good snook, redfish and trout fishing

Inshore waters are full of bait and are attracting schools of ladyfish, bluefish, trout and Spanish mackerel. The bite can be insane at times, especially on a good moving tide. Toss out live pilchards for chum to attract the fish to your area and als...
Published: 11/05/18
Updated: 11/06/18

Captainís Corner: Shark exodus is good news for divers

The summer-time sharks have started their migration away from the Tampa Bay area to the coastal waters of South Florida. This makes it safer for the divers who are spearing in the darker inshore waters of the bay. Most of these bay spearfishermen are...
Published: 11/04/18
Updated: 11/05/18
Captainís Corner: Normal conditions on water close to returning

Captainís Corner: Normal conditions on water close to returning

High winds and rain will change the conditions of the water in North Pinellas this weekend. The clarity had been good and I expect a couple of calm days will return conditions to normal. Cooler temps are creeping into the area, but the water is still...
Published: 11/02/18
Updated: 11/03/18

Captainís Corner: Speckled sea trout a good target

The gulf water temperature has dropped into the 70s, significantly lower than the mid 80s just 10 days ago. The drop in temperature has caused the speckled sea trout fishing to become a reliable target. Redfish have been on the move, so sea trout has...
Published: 11/01/18

Captainís Corner: Cooler weather should help fish action heat up

If the forecast is correct, we will finally have cooler weather, with water temperatures in the 70s. Fishing is always better when water temperatures teeter in the low 70s for spring and fall runs. Cold fronts will usher in lots of wind with cold air...
Published: 10/31/18
Captainís Corner: What if we gave old-school fishing a try?

Captainís Corner: What if we gave old-school fishing a try?

Whenís the last time you fished "old school"? You know, the way we used to do it growing up. The way we learned. No electronics, no chart plotter, no bottom sonar, no bait well pump, no trolling motor, none of the things weíve all become accustomed t...
Published: 10/30/18