Florida prepares suspicious activity reporting app for schools

Published May 29 2018

After the Parkland school shooting, state and local leaders began making plans to enhance school security.

The latest effort is a suspicious activity reporting application, to be launched by the Florida Department of Education and Attorney General's Office.

The agencies announced the idea to administrators and teachers on Friday.

Fortify FL will allow people to anonymously report "unsafe, potentially harmful, dangerous, violent or criminal activities" to local law enforcement so it can take action to possibly prevent threats to schools.

Like anything else, it will depend on how people use the information. Criticism has emerged lately over how much Broward County school officials knew about Nikolas Cruz, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooter, and whether they did enough to deal with him.

The new app will be the only one associated directly with the state of Florida, the agencies' letter stated. The official launch date is supposed to come before the start of the next school year.