Tracee Stockwell

Multimedia Editor TraceeStockwell [email protected]

I left the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York and moved to Florida 36 years ago. I joined the newspaper staff four years after that, when the newsroom was a totally different place. People smoked at their desks, typewriters provided the soundtrack each day, and the paper published twice daily, under different names: the St. Petersburg Times and the Evening Independent. My career began in the color lab -- yup, there was a color lab -- and then I moved into the photo department as a lab technician processing film. I’ve learned so much about the craft from some of the best in the business. I am now a multimedia editor, editing video and posting images and stories to the web. I also produce my own video stories. I grew up at the Times, raised two children who are now adults, and I have a beautiful granddaughter, Annabelle Leigh Marie. My passion is the environment, and there are so many stories to tell that focus on water, nature and recycling.

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