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30 years later, which movie would you watch: Fandango or Falcon and the Snowman?

Two movies that rarely get name-checked as '80s flicks turn 30 this week: The Falcon and the Snowman and Fandango were both released on Jan. 25, 1985. Which would you rather watch on TV tonight? Let's take a look.

Falcon and the Snowman: Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn
Fandango: Kevin Costner. Judd Nelson, Sam Robards
The edge goes to: Falcon and the Snowman. Maybe it's not Penn's best movie in the '80s, but it was definitely the sign that greatness was on its way. And in a decade where Costner did no wrong, some consider this is best role.

Falcon and the Snowman:
A true story, Falcon and the Snowman follows young employee at a defense contractor and his drug-pusher best friend who end up selling U.S. security secrets to the Soviets.
Fandango: Five college students in the early '70s go on a final road trip together as gradation, Vietnam and the future await.
The edge goes to: Fandango, while based on the director's life at Baylor University, still lacks the element of originality, and it's hard to fight a "true story." Falcon and the Snowman wins here.

Falcon and the Snowman:
Gets a 6.8 rating on IMDB; Roger Ebert gave it four stars, saying "Here it is only January, and already we have one of the best movies of 1985."
Fandango: Gets a 6.6 rating on IMDB; 50% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. No review from Ebert. Quentin Tarantino reportedly said director Kevin Reynolds work was "one of the best directorial debuts in the history of cinema."
The edge goes to: Falcon also gets the box office win, but in all fairness Fandango was originally a student film made by Reynolds at USC. It's also a cult classic. We'll call this a tie.

Falcon and the Snowman:
"How many guys do you know who's best friend is also their priest?"
Fandango: "Here's to us and the privileges of youth!"
The edge goes to: Fandango wins by a Texas mile.

Falcon and the Snowman:
Ebert's perfect, four-star rating is something to think about. Plus, the film gained greater infamy in 1986 when its broadcast on HBO was hacked by a rogue satellite broadcaster known as "Captain Midnight."
Fandango: When you have Steven Spielberg on for his funding and producing, that says something. Reynolds's later efforts include two Costner bombs -  Robin Hood: Price of Thieves and Waterworld. Plus, google "Fandango" today and you get the movie ticket website listed first.
The edge goes to: Give it up for Captain Midnight and Falcon and the Snowman.

The winner? Just watch them both. As if you had anything better to do tonight.

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It's another Monday morning and even Ozzy is 'So Tired'

Whether it's the limited daylight of winter or just another Monday, why is it we are all so tired? It's so bad that even Ozzy Osbourne is going to chime in with today's Lost and Found entry of So Tired".

So Tired was the second single off the 1983 album Bark At The Moon, and I have no doubt the reason it was released as a single was that the record company thought the ballad with its orchestral backing might appeal to the pop radio public much like when Kiss scored a hit with Beth. The single only made it to No. 104 on the charts, which still made it Ozzy's highest-charting solo U.S. single to date until he finally broke through into the Top 40 with his duet with Lita Ford Close My Eyes in 1989.

Just because So Tired has strings and a gentle guitar solo doesn't mean that everyone's favorite madman didn't produce a disturbing video as highlights include a knife-wielding hunchback, scared ballerinas and the assassination of Honest Abe.  Even if he was high as a kite when So Tired was shot, I am sure Ozzy remembers the shoot anyway as the scene where the dressing room mirror explodes, a shard of glass accidentally flew into Ozzy's throat, sending him to the hospital. 

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Watch (or don't watch): Cast of Glee performs Devo's Whip It

Nobody watches Glee anymore, and Devo is probably very happy about that, because watching the cast of the show perform Devo's Whip It ... it's just ... too ... painful. 

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Never Found in the '80s: The Waterboys

Largely a vehicle for the music written by Mike Scott, the only permanent member of the band, The Waterboys had an extensive line-up of musicians, over the years, mainly from the British Isles.  In fact, Wikipedia lists more the 75 musicians have been part of the band at one time or another.

With a variety of styles including Celtic, folk, and rock, The Waterboys' music was influenced by literary figures such as William Butler Yeats and Robert Burns; as well as musical artists such as Van Morrison, David Bowie, and Patti Smith. They did manage to chart a couple songs on the U.S. Modern Rock Chart in the late '80s, but they were never found on the U.S. mainstream music charts.

Today's featured song, 1985's The Whole of the Moon, reflects the spiritual nature of much of their music. It's as toe-tappingly good as it is inspiring. Watch closely, you may recognize Kurt Wallinger who would leave the band shortly after the release of the album This is the Sea (1985) to form his own band World Party.


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May the lights never go out for Naked Eyes and Pete Byrne

When Steve and Brad room together on "The 80's Cruise" what will happen when the lights go out? Only Naked Eyes knows.

Also sailing on the 2016 cruise with Steve and Brad will be the lead singer of Naked Eyes, Pete Byrne. The SIT80s campaign continues to tout the bright light of Naked Eyes beyond Always Something There To Remind Me and Promises, Promises. Naked Eyes had a total for four U.S. Top 40 hits and since Lost and Found already covered (What) In The Name of Love, let's tackle the leftover classic When The Lights Go Out.

When The Lights Go Out was the third single off the Burning Bridges album and reached No. 37 on the charts in 1983. Lead singer Pete Byrne is still out there playing the Naked Eyes catalog and today's trivia is for those who have daughters who grew up on the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen videos (like all my daughters). It was Byrne who wrote the song I Am The Cute One that became the first video for the Olsen Twins in 1993. 

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Steve Perry shares his thoughts with fans on his 66th birthday

You know why so many people love Steve Perry? Because he's not afraid to wear his emotions on his sleeve, articulate any fears he's struggling with and just be honest with the fans who have followed him for decades. As is his tradition, Steve posted a message to fans on his birthday -- today, he's 66 -- and here are some highlights. He obviously is still torn up about the loss of his girlfriend Kellie.

"To be honest, this was a rough year with a lot of emotions, good and not so good. That's just the way it is for us all."

"I really have been trying to keep Kellie's promises she asked me to make. One was that if something ever happened to her, she made me promise to not stay in it too long if possible, and to try and move on.I never met anyone in my whole life that was so evolved and so unselfish as she was. It's been two years now since her passing and I'm trying to keep my promise. She will be loved forever in my heart."

"Singing live with the EELS was a very uplifting period of 2014 for me. ... The audiences were so great and we all had such fun ... I will never forget it."

Visit to read the full message and see clips of Steve performing in 2014.

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Thursday lost and found: Espionage and 'The Sound of Breaking Hearts'

If a lost '80s songs falls in the forest, does it make the sound of a breaking heart?

Espionage had a great name and look but even with The Sound of Breaking Hearts, they never infiltrated the charts. The 1983 video featuring lead singer Chazz Coghlan puts the band on the "cutting edge" of music technology in the ‘80s with computers and algorithms sharing in the glory of The Sound of Breaking Hearts.

After two albums that didn't sell, Espionage disappeared into the shadows.

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When 'Twin Peaks' returns in 2016, will its theme song return to charts too?

A popular entertainment story last week was the announcement of the return of Laura Palmer and Twin Peaks to television in 2016, but while there is no debate the show is from the ‘90s, did you know the theme song Falling was totally ‘80s?

In the hot mess of the season two finale of Twin Peaks, dead Laura Palmer declared she would be back in 25 years - so in 2016, Showtime will air nine episodes that will bring together David Lynch, Kyle MacLachlan and a host of odd characters. I would suspect they will also bring back Falling, the theme song sung by Julee Cruise.

A native of Iowa, Julee Cruise teamed up with director David Lynch and music producer Angelo Badalamenti in 1985 when her Mysteries of Love was a surreal moment in Blue Velvet. In 1989, Badalamenti produced Cruise's debut album Floating Into The Night, which barely made a ripple until the dream pop of Falling was picked up as the theme song for Twin Peaks in 1990. With the release of the single, a video was made that interspersed clips from the show to capitalize on the cult success of the tv show. …

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Must-have for Star Wars fans: AT-AT Walker lawn ornament

Star Wars lawn ornaments. They're not just for Hoth anymore. Though this Imperial AT-AT Walker would look more at home on a snowy lawn. And it can be yours for just $39.99 from

Of course, the possibility of successfully purchasing this item without being called a geek is approximately 3,720 to 1. But never tell me the odds.


5. "Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A Jedi craves not these things."

4. "You don't look so bad to me. You look strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark."

3. "Don't worry about Master Luke. I'm sure he'll be all right. He's quite clever, you know... for a human being."

2. "Scoundrel? Scoundrel? I like the sound of that."

1. "Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!"

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Is this Gleaming Spies forgotten hit the greatest teen sex anthem of the '80s?

Are you ready for another great lost song of the eighties? Grab your apron, sit back and enjoy the weirdness of Gleaming Spies and their classic Are You Ready For The Sex Girls.

Most remember hearing snippets of Are You Ready For The Sex Girls in movies like Revenge of the Nerds and Last American Virgin (cue a crying Spearsy), but have you ever heard the song in it's entirety and it's odd video?

Before forming Gleaming Spies; lead singer/bassist Leslie Bohem and drummer David Kendrick were the rhythm section for Sparks and in 1981 their first single Are You Ready for the Sex Girls was a popular play on hip radio stations. Despite its shocking title, the lyrics for the song are just silly nonsense that never gets into steamy details for those with tender ears. In the video, the action starts off in the kitchen with the duo preparing a pie and just when you think the video is a double entendre, the boys plow ahead and diligently continue on with a methodical step-by-step process of making a lemon meringue pie and a cup of joe with a straight face. …

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Lost and found: The Fall channel the Kinks with 'Victoria'

Another week and we still can't stop with the cover songs in the ‘80s, so let's keep it fresh and get Kink-y with a remake of Victoria by The Fall.

In the UK, The Fall had a small but faithful hipster following and churned out at least an album per year during the ‘80s of mostly originals with very few singles hitting the UK Top 40. One exception was their remake of The Kinks Victoria and in 1988, The Fall reached No. 35 in their home country. The Kinks original Victoria charted in the U.S. in 1970 but didn't make the Top 40. Later in 1970, The Kinks next single was a little ditty called Lola, which is probably the most well known song in The Kinks wide catalog.

The Fall's version of Victoria is a faithful tip of the hat to the original and the video finds smirking lead singer Mark Smith wearing Victorian Age costumes while singing about, well, Victoria. Recently the song was featured in an episode of How I Met Your Mother about the reoccurring character named, well, Victoria of course.

The Fall still exist today, play dates and have released more than 30 albums in their career.

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Have a dream about that guy from Supertramp? Here's why

Many lead singers of famous bands have gone on to even greater solo success in the ‘80s like Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel of Genesis - some only have one hit like Rodger Hodgson and Had A Dream.

The distinctive voice of Hodgson as the lead singer of Supertramp filled the airwaves in the '70 and ‘80s with classic songs like Give A Little Bit and Dreamer, but when Hodgson went solo in 1984, his lead single Had A Dream (Sleeping With The Enemy) was only a minor hit peaking at No. 48 on the U.S. charts.

The video is with is intended to be grandiose but most of the action is rather benign as Hodgson in a loin cloth is the only lasting image as the director tries to fill six minutes of airtime for the single. Perhaps we should be grateful; this is the single version and the album version of Had A Dream clocks in at almost nine minutes. The public never bought into solo Roger Hodgson as the artist still tours playing most of his Supertramp material to everyone's delight.

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Can you name the THIRD biggest hit for Men Without Hats? Here it is

You can watch this video if you want to, you can leave it all behind, but if your friends want to watch a Men Without Hats video besides Safety Dance, I would recommend Moonbeam.

Men Without Hats has chiseled out their place in '80s lore when Safety Dance became one of the top songs of 1983. They shed their one-hit wonder label when they scored the Top 20 hit Pop Goes The World in 1988 that has been used in advertising campaigns in recent years. The follow-up single to Pop Goes The World was Moonbeam and although it did not chart in the U.S. it was a Top 40 hit in their native Canada.  Video highlights for the perky dance song include the usual Men Without Hats synth hooks and the goofy charm with a baby keyboard player and Elvis impersonator.

The Moonbeam video is a continuation of the Pop Goes The World video, which follows the story of Johnny and Jenny and their pursuit of musical fame. The girl who played "Jenny" in the Men Without Hats videos was a secret for many years, but the band recently revealed that the actress is Louise Court, who left her career in music videos behind and had to settle on becoming the editor-in-chief for Cosmopolitan magazine.   …

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'Escape From New York' up next for Hollywood butchering (err, I mean remake)

"Snake Plissken ... I thought you were dead." Actually, the last we saw of Snake, he had just managed to send the entire planet back to the Stone Age in Escape from L.A. Hollywood would have been smart to leave the remake business in the same age, but instead they've announced plans to remake John Carpenter's 1981 classic Escape from New York. reports that Fox has won a "competitive" (Dear God, why?) bidding battle for the rights to remake the movie, which starred Kurt Russell as a former elite special forces soldier-turned-criminal who can earn his pardon if he can rescue the President of the United States from New York, which by 1997 had been turned into a maximum security prison.

Frankly, it was glorious. says Fox's intention is to "reinvent the property" (Hollywood speak for urinating on the grave) and turn it into a franchise. …

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He didn't like Mondays, but Bob Geldof loved snakes

Does the sight of snakes frighten you? If you are like Indiana Jones you would have to ask Bob Geldof, "Why Snakes?" when you watch the lost video for Up All Night.

Everybody who follows Stuck in the '80s knows about Sir Bob Geldof and his work with USA for Africa and Live Aid, but most are unfamiliar with his songs with the band Boomtown Rats. The Irish band was a success across the pond with 11 Top 40 hits in the UK and even hit the Top 100 in America in 1980 with the fairly recognizable I Don't Like Mondays.

One of their most played videos on MTV was Up All Night, which neither charted in the U.S., the UK nor does it appear on most Boomtown Rats greatest hits compilations. Still, the song has a great bass hook and while the sight of Geldof spooning with a boa constrictor might make you queasy, the song has enjoyed a second life as a bumper song for the Jim Rome sports radio talk show.

Geldof, who was the lead actor in Pink Floyd's The Wall, still dabbles in music and activism and occasionally reunites with the Boomtown Rats.

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