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Hard to believe this classic Cure tune didn't chart in '85

The Cure will be heading for the U.S. in 2016 for a summer tour and questions abound. Will Robert Smith's makeup hold up in the heat? Will they come close to a city near you? Even if you are some distance away, never fear, as The Cure are always close - well, Close To Me.

The Cure's 1985 album Head On The Door was a breakthough of sorts in America for the English band, becoming their first album to go gold in the U.S. Off that album was the single Close To Me and its claustrophobic video. There are multiple videos of Close To Me that were edited and today's version is the one where all five members of The Cure are locked in a wardrobe and try to play Close To Me all piled on top of each other. Things go horribly wrong at the end for the band in the wardrobe as they go crashing down a cliff into the sea. Alternative video versions begin at the crash landing and have The Cure still trying to play their instruments underwater while fighting an octopus.


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Who’s ready for Ferris Fest? Here are more details

The 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is nearly upon up, and so it’s only right that we all plan to attend the definitive event marking the NINE TIMES our favorite Shermer High student skipped school: Ferris Fest!

The event takes play May 20-22 in and around Lake Forest, Illinois. A screening of the movie is set for May 21 at the John and Nancy Hughes Theater. Film critic Richard Roeper will host the screening, which will also appearances by Cindy Pickett and Lyman Ward (Ferris’ parents) and other stars from the movie (talks are still hush-hush).

Tickets for the event officially went on sale last night. Because of limited seating, package ticket sales are limited to just 300 attendees. Larger numbers of tickets are available for other events.

The full 3-day package is $300 and includes:

Individual event tickets start at $10.

A complete list of hotels convenient to Ferris Fest is available on the official website.


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Why did Def Leppard and Styx cancel their tour? Now we know

Def Leppard, Styx and Tesla fans were bummed out when the trio of legacy acts canceled the remaining dates of their joint tour last week, including a Jan. 30 date in Orlando. The given reason at the time? The dreaded “due to illness” dagger.

Now, however, we know the rest of the details. Turns out that Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott was suffering from “vocal issues,” according to

Guitarist Vivian Campbell gave an Italian media outlet this report: "Joe has been having some problems with his voice, and he saw two different doctors. The first one told him that he could continue to tour. The second doctor he saw just this past Saturday afternoon, the afternoon of a show we were supposed to play in Orlando, Florida. And he went to see a specialist. And they put a camera in his throat to see what was going on. And of the two vocal cords, one wasn't moving at all.”

The doc says Joe will be fine, so long as he rests his voice for a couple months, otherwise the damage could be permanent. Word is the tour could continue as early as May.

Click here to listen to our 2009 interview with Joe Elliott.

[AP photo]

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Can't Turn Back to the '80s but we can still listen to this Red Rider tune

How many more Tom Cochrane and Red Rider videos will be highlight on Lost and Found? As many as it takes to show some love for the Canadian rockers as we Can't Turn Back now.

If you are keeping score, this is the fourth appearance by Tom Cochrane and Red Rider on the blog as there is a plethora of songs and videos to choose from their seven albums they released in the '80s - and that doesn't even count Lunatic Fringe, their most popular song of the '80s to us south of the Canadian border. Can't Turn Back is a track off their 1983 album Neruda and the video is a plain performance and allows plenty of time for Cochrane's band mates to get equal time including diminutive bassist Jeff Jones and Ken Greer shredding it on guitar.

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The ABCs of '80s hitmakers should have included phd

Each August 1st, we remember the launch of MTV and over the years more information and stories emerge about the videos that appeared that historical day in 1981. With the help of the internet, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what songs were played on Aug. 1st, 1981, but you do have to have a phd.

Because of oral history books that have told the story of MTV and the vee-jays, we know that in the early days of MTV, because of the scarcity of videos, the station played a ton of videos by bands the America public never heard about. One band that made several appearances on MTV that first day was the Scottish band phd. phd is an acronym for the last names of three members of phd (Simon Phillips, Tony Hymas and Jim Diamond) and in 1981 they had a No. 3 hit in the U.K. with I Won't Let You Down.


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Ready for the shortest New Order tour ever? (At least there's a Florida stop)

New Order has sprung a short spring tour on fans in the U.S. How short? Six shows. Hey, but at least Florida scored a stop. How rare is that?

The band is supporting their album Music Complete, which was released back in September.


10 March – New York, NY - Radio City Music Hall
12 March – Philadelphia, PA – Tower Theater
16 March – Chicago IL – Chicago Theater
19 March – Los Angeles CA – Shrine Auditorium
21 March – Las Vegas NV – The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan
23 March – Miami Beach FL – Fillmore Miami Beach

Publicity photo: Nick Wilson

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This Police tune was nearly invisible on American radio in the '80s

The winter has been cold, snowy and icy for parts of the country in 2016 and sometimes the weather makes you feel all bleak and wonder if the sun is invisible, a thought shared by one of most popular bands of the '80s - The Police.

In 1981, The Police released Ghost In The Machine that spawned the Top 40 hits Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and Spirits In The Material World in the U.S. However, in the U.K., The Police opted to release Invisible Sun as the first single off Ghost In The Machine  and the British public responded by sending the single to No. 2 on the charts. Invisible Sun was never released as a single in the U.S., perhaps because of its subject matter of the Irish-English conflict.

While the black and white video has a cold feel to it with brooding silhouettes of Sting and news footage of urban Irish conflict zones, Invisible Sun is actually a song of hope as Sting appreciates and wonders what motivates the poor and war-torn to continue to go about their lives in hope for a better tomorrow? It's not a surprise that the BBC banned the video to give any impression of siding with the Irish Republic.   


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Real detective work needed to see why this 38 Special song wasn't a hit

38 Special is one of those bands whose catalog goes much deeper than the songs they play on the radio. As we take our weekly trip back to music video memory lane, for old time's sake let's have a laugh with One Time For Old Times.

The only other appearance by 38 Special on Lost and Found was a few years ago during "Good Song, Bad Video Week," but by no means does that imply that 38 Special never made a good video. In 1984, the southern rockers from Jacksonville showed they had a sense of humor with One Time For Old Times

The video for One Time For Old Times has about a minute introduction as we find out that 38 Special moonlights as Good Ol' Boy private eyes and finally land a case to find a missing redhead with freckles. Hijinks ensue when it turns out all six members (including two drummers!) of the band turn out to have dated the missing damsel. While the video for One Time For Old Times is a dandy,  the third single off their platinum album Tour De Force did not hit the pop singles charts after the first two singles (If I'd Been The One and Back Where You Belong) reached the Top 20. …

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Howard Jones, OMD join Last Summer on Earth 2016 tour

Wait, shouldn’t the 2015 Last Summer on Earth tour have been the last? This is the most blatant case of false advertising since Lionel Hutz's suit against the movie The Neverending Story. In any case, it turns out that British electro-legends Howard Jones and OMD will be joining Barenaked Ladies for the 2016 version of the Last Summer on Earth Tour.

The tour starts June 3 in Minneapolis and wraps up July 24 in Los Angeles. Fans in Florida get one stop: July 2 at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre. In a post on Facebook, Howard Jones said tickets will go on sale Feb. 5. …

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'Grease 2' was the (dirty) word, though this song is still cool

Sunday night is the big live performance of Grease on Fox that might have caught your attention. Yes, Grease is from the '70s but even for those Stuck in the '80s, Grease was a fun phenomenon growing up. But the '80s DID have Grease. Well Grease 2 and today's hot number of Cool Rider by Michelle Pfeiffer.

Grease 2 was widely panned by both critics and movie goers alike with a embarrassing 4.2 IMBD rating, but for some the movie is a guilty pleasure and I think we can all get on board that Cool Rider is a fun, catchy tune. The soundtrack from Grease (1978) was a monster, selling 45 million copies and spawning hits like Hopelessly Devoted To You and Summer Nights that went Top 5 and two No. 1 singles with Grease and You're The One That I Want. The Grease 2 soundtrack, however, only made it as far as No. 71 on the album charts and yielded no Top 40 hits, although there is nothing wrong with Pfeiffer's singing on Cool Rider. …

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Podcast: 30 years later, the sights and sounds of the Challenger tragedy

Some anniversaries seem too soon (Sept. 11) or too long ago (D-Day) to wrap your brain around. And yet, what are we to make of January 28, 1986? The 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion is our topic for this week's podcast and it remains a unique moment in time. For this solemn occasion, we've altered our usual show format. The focus instead is on the sounds of the day: The CNN telecast. The NASA commentary. And finally, Ronald Reagan's address to the nation. Click here to listen.

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Who could have guessed a Star Trek character was the 'heart and soul' of the '80s?

It's an interesting study of which '80s hits disappear and which make into the daily rotations of '80s-based music stations. One song that gets played every day is T'Pau's Heart and Soul, however can you lay claim to ever hearing any of T'Pau's other singles like China In Your Hand?

T'Pau is an English band named after a Vulcan princess (rumored to be Spock's grandmother) from an episode of the original Star Trek TV series. In 1987, Heart and Soul was a Top 5 hit and I hear the song just as often in 2016 as I did twenty-nine years ago due to radio's fascination with one-hit wonders - or is T'Pau a one-hit wonder? Maybe in America, but not in Europe. Led by singer Carol Decker, T'Pau's follow up single to Heart and Soul was China In Your Hand and in most countries, this is T'Pau's biggest hit, a No. 1 smash in countries all over Europe including the U.K. In the U.S., China In Your Hand failed to chart. …

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Great Scott! DeLoreans are back in production

Whoa, Doc, this is heavy. The reborn DeLorean Motor Co. in Humble, Texas, will soon begin building replicas of the epic 1982 automobiles made famous in the Back to the Future movies, according to

"It's huge for us. It means we're back as a car company again," DeLorean CEO Stephen Wynne said.

Wynne says his company has enough materials to build about 300 new cars. DeLorean will also refurbish old models. New cars will sell for slightly less than $100,000.

The original DMC-12 model first appeared in 1976. In 1981, fans could buy the car for $25,000. It came with a one-year, 12,000 mile warranty.

(AP photo)

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Schwarzenegger reveals name of next Conan sequel

With Terminator sequels terminated, Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned to another of his movie franchises for resurrection. Who’s ready for Conan the Conqueror?

It turns out Schwarzenegger has plans to play Conan one more time. A script was already ready for a project called The Legend of Conan, according to, but at a recent fan convention, the actor provided news of the film’s name change and plot.

Conan the Conqueror, where I’m sitting on the throne for years and years – decades, and then all of the sudden, the time comes when they want to overthrow me,” he said. “So that story WILL be told and that movie WILL be done.” …

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This Belinda Carlisle tune could have been the Motel 6 anthem

When the Go-Go's broke up in 1984 it was sad and maybe even a little scary. How scary? Maybe even Belinda Carlisle had to Leave The Light On.

Fans of the Go-Go's fell in love with band with their new wave look and sound but were oblivious to the fighting/ego problems/substance abuse that led to the Go-Go's break up. When Belinda Carlisle released her first solo material in 1986, many were surprised to hear the new poppy sound of the once new-wave queen. The public responded positively by making songs like Mad About You and Heaven Is A Place On Earth huge hits, while others like me felt a little empty and longed for the guitar sound of the Go-Go's. Of Carlisle's five solo Top 40 hits in the '80s, one that I could digest was Leave A Light On from 1989. …

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