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Bananarama to reunite original lineup after 29 years

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How can this be a cruel summer when we get word of this? Bananarama has announced they will reunite as a trio and tour the UK this year, according to a report in the Sun.

Keren Woodward, Sara Dallin and Siobhan Fahey cranked out a slew of hits in the ‘80s, including Cruel Summer, Venus and I Heard a Rumour, but last performed in 1988. Fahey, who wasn’t happy with the direction of the group, left that year and was replaced by Jacquie O'Sullivan. Dallin and Woodward would later continue the band as a duo, though Fahey returned to record a cover of Waterloo in 1998.

Are you still following? 

The Sun reports the reunion has been kept a secret for weeks, but the trio announced the news in an article that was published Sunday.

“We first had a chat about it over Christmas and before we knew it the whole thing snowballed,” Dallin said. “Keren and I called Siobhan to chat about it and things went from there.”

The reunited band’s first rehearsal is set for this week, and sales for a UK tour are set to go on sale Wednesday. 

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Podcast: Interview with Berlin's Terri Nunn

I remember the first time I saw Berlin live. It wasn't in the '80s; it was maybe 5 years ago in California. Berlin was opening for The Fixx, B-52's and The Human League at the Hollywood Bowl, and the band's lead singer - Terri Nunn - was also serving as emcee for the evening.

The put on an AMAZING show - too brief if anything - and Terri was just so lovable on stage that I wanted to rush the front of the house and just pick her up and hug her until bouncers tossed me halfway to San Diego.

So imagine just how crazed with excitement I was to finally get a chance to interview Terri Nunn. We spoke for about 45 minutes, covering everything from The 80s Cruise, the 80s in the Sand event in Punta Cana, her appearance this coming weekend at Epcot in Orlando, her influences, her acting career and everything in between.

We've broken the interview into two parts: Part One is here now for you, with Part Two coming next Sunday. I'll warn you the language gets a little salty at times, but it's just too quote to bleep out. Hope you enjoy the show. And if you're enjoying the podcast in general, please leave us a review on iTunes. Thanks!

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Erin Moran of Happy Days, Joanie Loves Chachi dead at 56

More sad news for ‘80s Nation: Actress Erin Moran was found dead in Indiana this weekend. She was 56.

Moran played the kid-sister in TV’s Happy Days before turning that role into a more grown-up part in the spinoff Joanie Loves Chachi. Her co-stars took to social media to respond to the news. 

“Such sad sad news. RIP Erin,” Ron Howard (“Richie Cunningham”) tweeted. “I’ll always choose to remember you on our show making scenes better, getting laughs and lighting up tv screens.”

“OH Erin... now you will finally have the peace you wanted so badly here on earth,” Henry Winkler (The Fonz) tweeted. “Rest In It serenely now.. too soon.”

While many of the stars of Happy Days went on to successful careers after the show ended in 1984, Moran’s career largely fizzled after the 17-episode run of Joanie Loves Chachi. 

She was a frequent guest star on TV’s The Love Boat while Happy Days was still on the air. In later years, she had short stints on Murder She Wrote and Diagnosis Murder. Her last acting credit was in 2010 for Not Another B Movie

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Podcast: The passing of Prince ... one year later

Hard to believe Prince has been gone a year already. Last year was a tough one for '80s music fans, but the death of Prince seemed particularly hard to swallow. A few days after his death, the Stuck in the '80s gang gathered to remember his music, his life and his legacy. We recorded this podcast, which was bittersweet in all its little details. Remember, and enjoy.

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Review: Midnight Oil reunion show is one epic night of music

David Featherston

Our Australian '80s friends and listeners are among our most passionate. So it came as no surprise that our Sydney correspondent David Featherston was on hand to see the recent reunion of Midnight Oil. Here's his review.

Midnight Oil is back and how! After officially breaking up in 2002 to allow singer Peter Garrett to pursue a political career, and a couple of one off reunions for benefit concerts, the Australian band (once described by Steve Spears and Sean Daly as a one hit wonder!) announced last year it was reforming for a world tour in 2017.

After teasing fans with a couple of small secret shows in March, the Oils played their first proper gig in a Sydney pub in the beachside suburb of Coogee. Tickets were allocated by way of a ballot, part of a plan to head off re-sellers that have been selling tickets at highly inflated prices. …

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Tracklist leaked for Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ reissue

Most die-hard Prince and ‘80s fans know that a reissue of Prince’s Purple Rain album is coming June 9. But the list of tunes to be included on the 3-disc set has been top secret. Until now. says a source named “The Violet Reality” has leaked the tracklist, and that others close to the record company have confirmed its “general accuracy.” 

What can fans expect? The first disc is expected to be the original Purple Rain album - songs from the 1984 movie. The second disc will have edited versions of many of those tunes, along with Erotic City, Another Lonely Christmas, 17 Days and God

The third disc is full of tunes largely not from the movie at all, with the exception of Computer Blue. One addition from the movie, however, is Father’s Song, the score that Prince’s onscreen father writes (but which was actually composed by Prince and his real father).

Click here for all the details on the tracklist. June 9 can’t come soon enough!

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‘No Way Out’ was a remake? Yep, here’s the scoop

When No Way Out hit theaters in 1987, I remembered being dazzled. Kevin Costner, Gene Hackman, Sean Young and Will Patton star in a thriller so complex and heart-thumping, it must be a creation of the brightest minds working in Hollywood in the ‘80s.

Alas, No Way Out is actually a remake of a 1948 movie called The Big Clock. In fact both movies are based on Kenneth Fearing’s 1946 novel called The Big Clock. The movie version starred Ray Milland, Maureen O'Sullivan, Elsa Lanchester, Charles Laughton and Harry Morgan.

Sure, there are some notable differences. No Way Out takes place in the Pentagon, where the Secretary of Defense (Hackman) tries to cover up the accidental death of his mistress (Young) by assigning the murder case to a young officer (Costner), who also was having an affair with her.

In The Big Clock, substitute the Pentagon with a giant publishing company. Laughton takes over Hackman’s role as the cruel boss with the mistress (Johnson). And Milland takes over for Costner as the man caught in the middle. 

Both stories are told in flashback, though maybe not quite as obviously so in No Way Out. Of the two films, the 1948 one is closer the book’s story. …

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New podcast: Find out who was named 'Best Movie Villain of the '80s'

Our podcast series on the Best Movie Villains of the '80s has finally crowned a champion. Who was it? You'll have to listen to find out.

Also, stay tuned later in the show for the latest episode of "I Want My Mystery TV Theme Song," by far the longest name for a seggie in podcasting history. See if you can figure out this week's ever-so-elusive TV theme song.

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Teaser for Star Wars: The Last Jedi released: 'Breathe ... just breathe'

The very first teaser/trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was finally released today at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. Much like the first trailer for 2015's The Force Awakens, it's definitely on the thin side.

The footage confirms the theory that Luke Skywalker will train Rey as a Jedi with Kylo Ren still on his quest to eliminate the peacekeepers from the galaxy. 

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is due in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.

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Trailer for Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: 'The battle for freedom rages on!'

Remember the chills you got when you at the local cineplex back in the early '80s and the trailer for Return of the Jedi came on? Now watch it again. Try not to snicker. (Actually it's not half-bad considering the trailers of the day.)

While the world goes ga-ga this weekend over the new teaser/trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it just feels like a good time to give a tip of the cat to the last truly great Star Wars flick. (And let's face it: It's still not half as good as The Empire Strikes Back.)

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Get ready for '80s in the Sand with this Tom Bailey interview

Have you heard about '80s in the Sand yet? It's a 7-day vacation in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, that is designed for '80s fans. Among the artists performing: Loverboy, Berlin, Howard Jones, Night Ranger and Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins.

In 2014, Tom joined the Stuck in the '80s podcast for a chat about his career and his unexpected comeback. Since then, he's been dazzling audiences with his performances of Thompson Twins classics. He'll be wowing the crowd at '80s in the Sand for sure. Listen to that special podcast in the above media player.

There are a ton more music acts planned for the week, along with appearances by actors Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Deborah Foreman and many more.

Stuck in the '80s will be there to host all the trivia competitions. We’re happy to offer special discounted rates for our friends for 80s IN THE SAND. Save $150 per person when using SIT80S1 to book “Allure” rooms and $250 per person when using SIT80S2 for “Xhale” rooms. Spearsy will be there to host trivia sessions. Email us if you need more info or go to the official website.

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'80 icon J. Geils found dead in home at age 71

The '80s generation has lost another hero: The guitarist known as J. Geils has been found dead in his Massachusetts home at age 71, according to media reports.

The founder of the J. Geils Band was born John Warren Geils Jr. He formed the band that would become chart-toppers in the '80s with tunes like Centerfold, Love Stinks and Freeze Frame

The cause of death remains unknown at this time, according to reports. He was found in his Groton, Mass., home, where he had lived for 35 years. 

The band, which released its debut album in 1970 as the J. Geils Blues Band, broke up in 1985 after huge success in the charts and on MTV. After the breakup, Geils pursued an interest in auto racing. The band has reunited from time to time for short bursts of touring. They have been a finalist twice for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, including being nominated in 2016.

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Review: Def Leppard, Poison, Tesla rock the '80s in Montreal show

AP photo

Hey, Poison and Def Leppard fans: Looks like your boys blew the roof off the place in Canada over the weekend. Who knew that hair metal played so strong north of the border?  Our Stuck in the '80s Montreal correspondent Peter Ryan posted this review.

Montreal’s Bell Centre has been the site of many hockey hat tricks i n its day, but nothing like the three-band spectacular on April 10 provided by Tesla, Poison and Def Leppard. While the audience was predominantly a 40s+ crowd, no one famished for the best songs of the 1980s went home hungry.

Tesla opened the show in what was arguably the weakest performance of the evening. With limited numbers in the audience, the band played several of its mainstay anthems, the crescendo being its cover of Five Man Electrical Band’s classic Signs. …

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Thinking of going on The 80s Cruise in 2018? Here's our discount code

"So you wanna work at All-American Burger?" Wait, wrong line, wrong movie. Anyway, so you wanna go on The 80s Cruise? Of course you do. It's the most immersive, totally awesome trip back through time to a kinder, most gentle decade. Well, now you can book the 2018 cruise and save some money in the process.

Stuck in the '80s has a promo code - STUCK - that will save you hundreds off the list price for cabins. See the chart below for details. When booking though, you will need to use the code STUCK to get these rates.

The 2018 trip departs Fort Lauderdale on the Celebrity Summit on March 17, 2018 for a seven-night trip through the Eastern Caribbean. Artists performing onboard include: Rick Springfield, Loverboy, Billy Ocean, Mike and the Mechanics, Berlin, Thomas Dolby and more. And MTV veejays Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood and Alan Hunter will be on hand. Oh, and did we mention that Springfield is actually HOSTING the trip? So if you've been dying to hang out with Dr. Noah Drake, this is your chance.  …

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New podcast: Great albums of 1987, part 2

Was 1987 a great year in music? The gang at Stuck in the '80s in this week's podcast shares three of their favorite albums, but they might be ones you don't easily remember. They were a bit more off the radar, and maybe at this point in the '80s, that's a good thing.

Don't forget you can subscribe for all our podcasts FOR FREE on iTunes and Google Play. We've been doing this for 12 years now and are just about to record Episode 400. Where has all the time gone? 


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