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Watch the 'modern' trailer for '80s sci-fi classic 'The Last Starfighter'

It's been 30 years since '80s fans first declared allegiance to the Star League in order to protect the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-Dan armada. But a "modern" trailer has been released anyway on for 1984's The Last Starfighter. And it's AMAZE-BALLS!

Wow. Where's my DVD? This is how I want to spend every Friday. And just when you think I've quoted the movie enough ...


5. "Did Chris Columbus stay home? Nooooo. What if the Wright Brothers thought that only birds should fly? And did Galoka think that the Ulus were too ugly to save?"

4. "Me, die? And miss all the excitement?"

3. "There's no fleet? No Starfighters, no plan? One ship, you, me, and that's it? "

2. "Up to your old 'Excalibur' tricks again, eh, Centauri? Did it ever occur to you that it is against the law to recruit from worlds outside the Star League?"

1. "Oh, save the whales, but not the universe, huh?"

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Can you name Don Henley's first solo hit? Don't air the 'Dirty Laundry'

I'll be the first to admit that even as a parent, I don't understand the details of education programs like Common Core and No Child Left Behind, but if you can read this blog post, then apparently you did something right in school and have proven Don Henley wrong that Johnny Can't Read.

It's hard to believe, but Johnny Can't Read was the first solo single by Don Henley in 1982. The song with the beach party sound about the failing US education system only reached No. 42 on the charts. Henley righted the ship with his second release, Dirty Laundry that would become a Top 10 hit and ‘80s staple and catapult Henley to become the most successful solo artist of all The Eagles.

The video portrays high school students as slaves to video including a little Pac Man. The song gets extra props for being the first song to mention "Rubik's Cube" in the lyrics. As we wrap up Eagles Week we apologize to omitting Glen Frey, but your videos were few and your songs rather bland. It is also fitting that the faint last line in Johnny Can't Read is "there is a new kid in town" - an homage to Henley's Eagle past. 

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Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols dies at age 83

Mike Nichols, the legendary director who first dazzled an earlier generation with 1967's The Graduate, has passed away at age 83, Deadline.com reports. The cause of death hasn't been released. The news was announced Thursday morning.

Mr. Nichols won an Academy Award for directing Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate and was one of the few artists to ever win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony during one career.

In the '80s, he was nominated for Oscars for directing Silkwood (1983) and Working Girl (1988). During the decade, he also directed Heartburn, Biloxi Blues and Gilda Live. Beyond the '80s, he helmed Primary Colors, The Birdcage and Charlie Wilson's War, his last film as a director.

"He conspires with you to get your best," the late Richard Burton said of Mr. Nichols after working with him in Barefoot in the Park. "He’d make me throw away a line where I’d have hit it hard. I’ve seen the film with an audience and he’s right every time. I didn’t think I could learn anything about comedy - I’d done all of Shakespeare’s. But from him I learned."

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Does Joe Walsh still like 'Space Age Whiz Kids?'

As Eagles Week continues, let us ‘80s video whiz kids wish a Happy 67th birthday today to Pinball Wizard era Joe Walsh.

When original guitarist Bernie Leaden quit in 1975, Joe Walsh became the first non-original member of The Eagles. The affable Walsh had four Top 40 hits in his career including the ‘70s classic Life's Been Good and his last single to chart was Space Age Whiz Kids in 1983.

The song reached No. 52 on the singles chart but the video is classic as Walsh jumps from the pinball era to the video game era with his mocking of the stereotypical robotic kids who played games featured in the video like Donkey Kong and Pac Man. By the end of the song, the affable Walsh makes good with our generation by declaring I Like Space Age Whiz Kids.  

Walsh may not be as nuts as he appeared during the ‘70s and ‘80s, but he sure looks like he's having fun as he is on tour with The History of the Eagles and who knows if he'll run again for public office in 2016?


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Journey, Steve Miller Band headed to Florida and Carnival cruise ships in March 2015

It's crazy how much Journey is touring these days. But with no new album seemingly coming anytime soon, Neal Schon and the boys don't seem to mind the highway run into the midnight sun. The group, which has been touring with the Steve Miller Band, has added some dates in the Southeast for March 2015, including three dates in Florida.

For Tampa Bay fans, that means a Saturday night show on March 14 at the MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre.

For fans of cruises, Journey is performing on two Carnival cruise ships a couple of days after their Tampa gig. According to Pollstar, they're playing the Carnival Liberty and Carnival Splendor -- apparently when each ship is docked in St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Here's more information on those sailings.

Here are the new tour dates.

Thu 03/05/15: Austin, TX, Austin360 Amphitheater
Wed 03/11/15: Columbia, SC, Colonial Life Arena
Thu 03/12/15: Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville Veterans Mem. Arena
Sat 03/14/15: Tampa, FL, MidFlorida Credit Union Amphitheatre
Sun 03/15/15: West Palm Beach, FL, Flcruzan Amphitheather

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Another Eagle scores a solo hit in the '80s with 'Playin' It Cool'

With their classic Hotel California, The Eagles were considered the ultimate California band, but the only actual member to grow up in California was bassist Timothy B. Schmit who always plays it California cool.

When Randy Meisner poured a drink on Glenn Frey and quit the band in 1977, The Eagles hired studio ace Schmit as their new bassist. In an odd coincidence, Schmit replaced Meisner earlier in the ‘70s as a member of Poco. His Eagle highlight came when he sang lead on the Top 10 1980 hit I Can't Tell You Why. Schmit's solo career peak was in 1987 when he hit the Top 40 with Boys Night Out, however as far as videos go, I prefer his Playin' It Cool that hit No. 101 in 1984.

The video for Playin' It Cool is good ‘80s fun with hand claps, too-old-to-be-teenagers actors as high school students goofing around in the classroom instead of learning trivial facts. If you want a good trivial fact, it was in 1985 that Schmit, while on tour with Jimmy Buffet, coined the name "Parrotheads" as his nickname for legions of Hawaiian-shirt and parrot hat dressed fans that would always show up for Buffet shows. …

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Ready to join us on The '80s Cruise? Here are the official details

Eighties fans, you've been waiting patiently for more news on The '80s Cruise. Today, the cruise was officially announced on SiriusXM's Big '80s on 8 by former MTV veejay Alan Hunter. Here's the official press release on the trip. Stuck in the '80s will be on board as well. If you'd like to join us, email us at sit80s@gmail.com, but just so you know, we're not the booking agents. Booking information is below. Use the offer code "STUCK" to get more special offers.

Here's the news release:

The 80s Cruise (www.the80scruise.com) proudly announces that it will feature music presented by SiriusXM's ‘80s on 8 on its inaugural cruise from February 28-March 6, 2016.   The definitive curator of music, fashion, movies, games, pop culture and fun from the ‘80s era, SiriusXM's ‘80s on 8's influence will be an important addition to this lavish Caribbean cruise - the ultimate throwback travel experience of luxury and laughs.  SiriusXM's ‘80s on 8 will help guests on The 80s Cruise keep the party going long after the ship returns to dock, giving the first 1,000 guests who reserve cabins a 12- month subscription to SiriusXM Internet Radio.Full Story

See the ZZ Top video look made famous by ... an Eagle?!?

In 1975, The Eagles were progressing from a country-rock band to a more electric guitar sound and picked up Don Felder to join the flock of eagles. While The Eagles rocked, it wasn't until he went solo in the ‘80s that Felder traded up from Witchy Woman to Bad Girls.

Felder was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida, and in the 1966 Gainesville high school yearbook there is a picture of Felder sharing the page with another promising guitarist named Tom Petty. When Felder first joined The Eagles, one of the first songs he brought to the band was a guitar instrumental piece that Don Henley and Glenn Frey initially titled "Mexican Reggae." The lyrics would be changed and that song, Hotel California, would become one of the most popular rock songs of all time.

In 1981, Felder hooked up with sci-fi movie Heavy Metal to provide the excellent theme song Heavy Metal (Hitchin' A Ride) and the song just missed the Top 40, peaking at No. 43. An official video was never made for Heavy Metal, but thankfully Felder made his magnum opus video for Bad Girls.


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Video: Bono, Midge Ure are real stars in Band Aid 30 video remake

The remake of Do They Know It's Christmas was released this morning after a marathon weekend recording and producing session in London, and it's pretty good. I guarantee '80s fans will get chills when they see and hear U2's Bono reprise his famous line from the 1984 version -- only with a smart tweak of the lyrics. And there's a nice twist the final chorus as well.

Of course, I got chills seeing Midge Ure, who wrote and produced the original 1984 version, return to organize and produce this remake, the proceeds of which will to go fight the Ebola virus. (Click here to contribute and download the song).

Here are the tweaked lyrics to the 30th anniversary of Do They Know It's Christmas: …

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Eagles Week on Stuck in the '80s kicks off with solo hit 'Deep Inside My Heart'

The Eagles may have broken up in 1981, but that only kick-started the solo careers for the members of one of the most acclaimed Americans rock bands and giving us cause to celebrate Eagles Week on Lost and Found.

Of the seven official members of The Eagles, six of them went on to hit the singles charts in the ‘80s as only original lead guitarist Bernie Leadon (who?) stayed out of the limelight. We start Eagles Week with original bassist Randy Meisner and hit Top 40 hit Deep Inside My Heart.

A native of Nebraska, Meisner's greatest moments as an Eagle was when he took his turn singing lead on Take It To The Limit and also alternated verses with Glenn Frey on Take It Easy. Meisner also had a nice run as a solo artist in the early ‘80s collecting three Top 40 hits with his first hit Deep Inside My Heart hitting No. 22 in 1980. The rousing song features the vocal duet with Kim Carnes in her pre-Bette Davis Eyes days.

After the ‘80s, Meisner's musical career has slowed down while battling serious health problems over the last few years that have prohibited him from participating in the History of the Eagles Concert Tour.     

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Video: Only Weird Al can save the future of Radio Shack

I'll make you a promise: I'll shop at Radio Shack for all my holiday gifts and batteries if Weird Al keeps doing their commercials for them.

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Bob Dylan a hit-maker in the '80s? No, but he got this song close

Like a lot of other SIT80's Nation, I grew up hearing the accolades of Bob Dylan, but never really understanding the appeal of the man with the squeaky, conversational and distinctive voice. However, one Dylan song I can get behind is his highest charting single of the ‘80s: Sweetheart Like You.

Bob Dylan was the innovator of the folk rock in the ‘60s and will always have a core of music lovers that will declare his deity among music's elite. Many times on Lost and Found I make the argument that a dino-rocker actually had their best success in the ‘80s, but there is no case to be made for Dylan. Of his 12 Top 40 hits, all were all before 1979 and even when he teamed up with the Traveling Wilburys in the late ‘80s, the super group had a hugely successful album, but no Top 40 singles. …

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Funniest Star Wars video ever: Princess Leia walking in NYC

Ten hours of a woman walking in NYC? I can forgive that hoopla for ever going viral now that I've seen "10 Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC." Best editing job ... ever.

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Thursday lost and found: The Long Ryders' 'I Want You Bad'

If you have a good song, how do you make it better? If you are The Long Ryders you add a little backing vocal by The Bangles and ta-da - you have a Paisley Underground classic with I Want You Bad.

Even at the peak of their powers in 1987, The Bangles found time to sing backup on several lesser known songs such as the Hoodoo Guru's Good Times and the Long Ryders I Want You Bad.  Even with the star-backing vocals, I Want You Bad, like all Long Ryders songs, failed to chart. The song was originally recorded in the ‘70s by NRBQ and was also covered in the early ‘80s by Dave Edmunds. The video finds the boys from The Long Ryders on tour with goofy aping for the camera both on and off stage. The band broke up in the late '80s with their last and fourth album Two Fisted Tales.

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Must-see: 'All American High Revisited' plays NYC on Nov. 16

Remember the tale of the movie All American High Revisited? Sure you do, we toild you in Episode 322 of the podcast. The documentary follows the school year of the Class of 1984 in a Calfornia high school and then revisits the main characters 30 years later. It's an amazing movie, and fans in New York City are lucky because All American High Revisited plays at 9: 15 at IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave., in NYC on Sunday, Nov. 16.

Click here for ticket information. And for more updates on screenings, go to the film's official Facebook page.

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