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10 ways to recover from The 80s Cruise

Photo by Steve Spears



The 2017 voyage of The 80s Cruise ended Saturday morning, and 2,000-plus weary but smiling nostalgia fanatics filed dutifully off the Celebrity Summit with a week's worth of memories that will last a lifetime. 

As we wipe the sleep from our eyes this morning - still struggling with getting our "land legs" back - this thought is probably swirling around in our heads: What now? 

Don't worry. Your old pal Spearsy has some answers to the question you thought you couldn't answer. (Just like the trivia sessions, am I right?) 

Here are ways to recover the 2017 voyage of The 80s Cruise.

1. POST AND SHARE YOUR PICS: In a few weeks, ECP will post their professional photos for us to download (for free!), but now's the time to empty your cell phones of all the amazing memories you captured. Facebook seems to be the medium of choice for 80s cruisers, so drop them there - either on your own FB page or one of the two private FB groups. 

2. HIT YOUTUBE: As I type this, I'm watching nonstop Berlin videos on my home computer. ("The Metro" just started.) By the way, how is it possible that Terri Nunn is 20 times hotter now than in the '80s? Anyway, I digress. Load up your devices with all the videos by Thompson Twins, Howard Jones, Cheap Trick, Belinda Carlisle, Colin Hay and more. (Did anyone else catch Men Without Hats? They were A-MA-ZING live.)

3. DON'T LOSE TOUCH: Send out those friend requests. You made a lot of lifelong friends last week. Keep in touch and plan some visits. 

4. BUY THE TUNES: Remember all the songs you somehow never heard until last week? Find them and buy them! For me, I can't stop singing along to Berlin's "Like Flames" (Na-na-na-na!) and Cheap Trick's "Never Had a Lot to Lose." BTW, you can find setlists for most of the artists at

5. REBOOK: Well, you don't have to do it TODAY, but maybe now's a good time to come up with a game plan for booking a cabin for the 2018 cruise. Having a trip to plan always helps brush away the blues. (Stuck in the '80s will be back and will have a discount promo code to share with you soon!)

6. COLLECT THOSE RECORDS: Vinyl is great for collecting autographs. So start scouting used record stories for the bands on the 2017 and 2018 cruises. (What to do with the meantime if you don't own a turntable? I have dozens of album covers framed as decor here at the Spears Lair.)

7. PLAN YOUR OUTFITS: Sure, I was happy with my Wally World security outfit this year, but I know I could have done better on Rock Night and Neon Night. The 80s Cruise hasn't released the theme nights yet for 2018, but you can probably safely assume there will be a neon night again as well as a costume night. So start there. The guy who did Max Headroom probably spent at least six months putting that outfit together. Keep an eye out on the official 80s cruise website for updates.

8. CHECK OUT THE PODCASTS: In the last few years, Stuck in the '80s has interviewed many of the artists from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 cruises. We're already working on getting Terri Nunn on the show soon too. Plus, if you listen to the show, I guarantee you'll do better at the Big '80s Trivia Challenges. We usually tip our hand during shows leading up to the cruise.

9. POUR YOURSELF A DRINK: I always feel borderline morose after an amazing vacation. What helps me is finding the same spirits that "lifted" me on the trip. In this case, some Dos Equis beer - the perfect beer for the most interesting vacation in the world.

10. KEEP THE FAITH: When your friends mock you and counsel you to "live in the now, not in the past," tell them: "I can do both." The '80s are a part of us all - the memories, the music, the movies. There's a reason we roll down the car window and sing "Keep On Loving You" at the top of our lungs every time the song comes on the radio. We are the '80s. It's just like Ferris said: "Live moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while..." Well, you know the rest.

See you in 2018! 

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