Foghat’s forgotten slow ride on The Orient Express


Our favorite '80s historian Kevin Wuench returns with a song inspired by an Agatha Christie novel:

As one of the few non-comic book movies to win at the box office, Murder On The Orient Express has drawn mixed reviews by people I know who have seen it. Some loved the remake of the '74 movie – some hated it. Still in 2017, the 1934 Agatha Christie novel continues to intrigue so it's no surprise that in the '80s, the storyline of murder on a train still inspired including the Foghat video for Slip, Tripped, Fell In Love.

Though many consider Foghat and their rock staple Slow Ride to be a '70s band, this is the English hard rock band's second appearance on Lost and Found as we featured their Top 40 ballad Third Time Lucky over four years ago. In 1982, Foghat returned with the Mainstream Rock Track hit Slipped, Tripped, Fell In Love.

In the video for Slipped, Tripped, Fell In Love, Foghat cleans up nice as the house band on The Orient Express but when a murder occurs, the suspect list grows with femme fatales, foreigners, nuns and a little person. The video is a lot of fun, but is plagued with some bad audio and unusual editing where a nice juicy sax solo is drowned out by train sound effects. It is also curious that (spoiler alert!) the mystery of the murder is not solved.

After 56 years, Foghat is still playing their greasy blues-based rock, although half of the members in the Slip, Tripped, Fell In Love video have passed on including lead singer "Lonesome" Dave Peverett. Current living members include original drummer Roger Earle who has taken over leadership of the band.