In the ’80s, there were ‘Stupid Questions’

Published January 5 2018
Updated January 5 2018

Columnist Kevin Wuench returns today with an important customer service lesson from the '80s:

When training someone at work or helping a customer, we often use the motto "There are no stupid questions." To those people in our lives that have tested the limits of this catch phrase, we dedicate Stupid Questions by New Model Army.

The first New Model Army was established in 1600s in England as the government decided to hire full-time soldiers rather than a part-time militia and separate the military leaders from government leaders. In 1980, another New Model Army was created as a bunch of English punks emerged on the British scene and had a solid, but not spectacular career on the U.K. charts. Of their seven Top 40 hits, one that stills rocks today is Stupid Questions from 1989.

Stupid Questions comes off New Model Army's best-selling album, Thunder and Consolation, and the video is a non-nonsense black and white affair featuring gap-toothed Justin Sullivan on lead vocals. New Model Army is still active with their latest album, Winter, being released in 2016 although Sullivan is the only member left from the '80s era.


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