Murphy Brown, Candice Bergen returning to CBS for reboot

Published January 25 2018
Updated January 26 2018

If there was ever a case to make for reviving an '80s TV series, this might be it: Murphy Brown is returning to CBS this fall.

The network announced this week that Candice Bergen will return in the title role and original series creator Diane English also is on board. A 13-episode series is planned.

Could this revival be the perfect antidote in our dystopian present of tweets-as-news, social media madness and general dismay over the state of everything? Couldn't hurt.

The original Murphy Brown, about a famous investigative journalist/news anchor, aired from 1988 to 1998. Bergen played the strong female lead, which explored topics such as the glass ceiling, single motherhood and breast cancer. So ingrained into the pop culture establishment of its time, the show was even mentioned by then-Vice President Dan Quayle who criticized the single mother storyline.

Murphy Brown was nominated for 62 Emmy awards (winning 18), 15 Golden Globes (winning three) and a variety of other industry awards.

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