Bill & Ted 3 has a name and plot now

Published January 26 2018
Updated January 26 2018

Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes! It seems that the long, LONG awaited part 3 to the Bill & Ted franchise finally is taking shpe.

In an interview with Digital Spy, writer Ed Solomon (co-created of the original characters) says the new film will be called Bill & Ted Face the Music, and it will center on our heroic rock stars facing familiar mid-life issues.

"We have been working for almost 10 years to get this thing made; Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves, Chris Matheson, me…," Solomon told the website. "We have a director – Dean Parisot, who did Galaxy Quest – Steven Soderbergh is one of our producers. We have a wonderful assembly of people."

The original movie – Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure – was a surprise hit back in 1989. It starred Reeves (Ted) and Winter (Bill) as a pair of underachieving dreamers who face flunking out of high school unless they can impress their history teacher with a "most excellent" oral report. A guide from the future (played by the late George Carlin) appears to take the pair on a time-traveling adventure to round up the historic figures to help them out.

A 1991 sequel – Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey – was less successful, but the cult following has simmered for decades, luring the creative team back together for a try at a third and (hopefully) final film.

The trick, Solomon admits, is working the movie around the 2008 death of Carlin, who will appear in the third installment using footage from the first two films.

"George Carlin is so deeply missed by all of us," he said. "There is a… not just an homage to him, it's more than that. His absence is a part of the whole movie."

Face the Music will have Reeves and Winter to reprise their roles – this time as middle-aged family men … not the rock heroes they set out to be.

So it appears strange things will again be afoot at the Circle K.

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