Would you stay overnight at the Friday the 13th camp?

Published February 22 2018

The New Jersey summer camp that served as the location for the 1980 horror film Friday the 13th is about to start offering fans the chance to spend the night. Who wants a reservation to stay at Camp Crystal Lake?

Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco is the real name of the camp, which still actively used by Boy Scouts. Though the camp has hosted tours for movie fans before, beginning in April overnight stays will be available. What date in April? Friday the 13th, of course. (Technically they're offering it on April 14 as well).

Movieweb.com reports that demand for the Camp Crystal Lake VIP experience is projected to be so high that organizers have created a lottery system for tickets.

For $175, a fan gets a tour along with dinner and breakfast the next morning. Actress Adrienne King, who played Alice in the original film and the 1981 sequel, is expected to be on location too.

The original movie – the tale of a group of teenagers who are brutally murdered by an unknown killer while working at a summer camp – was rushed into production after the unexpected success of John Carpenter's Halloween. A long series of sequels followed – including a crossover film with A Nightmare on Elm Street. The original movie – and most of the sequels for that matter – was ridiculed by critics but became a cult classic thanks to home video.

Go to Camp Crystal Lake Tours to sign up for the tour lottery.

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