Could the end be near for TV’s ‘The Goldbergs?’

Published May 1 2018

The Hollywood rumor mill is in full swing this week with buzz about the future of several TV series, including the '80s-infused flagship show The Goldbergs.

The Hollywood Reporter says The Goldbergs is headed into the final year of a multiple-season renewal deal, so naturally there's speculation on the show's future.

"I'd love to go beyond season six, but it will always be set in the '80s," series creator Adam F. Goldberg told THR last year.

Hmmm, well the '80s have to end sometime, though The Goldbergs writers have never shied away from jumping back and forth in time through the decade (something that personally drives me nuts).

"At the start of every season, I always plot out an arc for the family members, and there is no plan whatsoever for this to be the last year of The Goldbergs," Goldberg told THR this week. "I would go well beyond season six. All I need is the word that ABC wants it to continue."

ABC declined comment, THR says. Oh boy…

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