Long-awaited documentary coming for … Police Academy?!?

Published May 3 2018

In a movie world taken over by comic books, isn't it nice to think back 30-some years to a time when people could just laugh at police cadets? Ah yes, the simple joys of the Police Academy movies.

Now it turns out a group of fans are working on a documentary about the Police Academy movies. Denofgeek.com reports that Police Academy: What An Institution has an official Facebook page and work has begun on interviews. (Where are they filming them? The Blue Oyster Bar?

The documentary vows to "unearth all the behind the scenes stories of the making of this cult-comedy classic movie and its lasting legacy!"

The original 1984 movie was directed by the late Hugh Wilson and starred Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Michael Winslow and Bubba Smith as unlikely recruits at a police academy where standards have been lowered due to a shortage of officers.

Critics generally hated the movie, lamenting its extremely low-brow humor. Chicago Sun-Times critic Roger Ebert gave the movie a single star, writing: "If there's anything worse than a punch line that doesn't work, it's a movie that doesn't even bother to put the punch lines in."

Still, Police Academy crushed it at the box office opening at No. 1 and finishing the year at No. 6 – and this was 1984, when competing flicks included Ghostbusters, Splash, Gremlins and Sixteen Candles.

Den of Geek rightfully points out that it's very early in the production of What An Institution and the big-name stars haven't yet committed to participating. So maybe we'll exercise our right to remain silent for now.

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