Three improbable words: Weezer covers ‘Africa’

Published May 30 2018

"The Internet is abuzz about …" Yeah that could lead just about anywhere these days. It seems if the Internet isn't actually abuzz, it didn't really happen. Well, this actually happened:

Weezer has covered Toto's signature hit Africa. There's no video, but you can sample it for yourself at this YouTube link.

If as a loyal Stuck in the '80s fan you're asking yourself, "What is a Weezer?" well, then I'm so proud of you. Weezer in an L.A.-founded rock band that once took up time and space in a lesser decade known as "The 1990s."

It's sometimes easy to dismiss them as a "goof-rock" band with tunes such as Buddy Holly and The Sweater Song, and frankly, that's okay by me. In fact, the attempt to cover a near-perfect pop song (and memorable MTV video) that was a chart topper back in 1982 would seem foolish at best. And yet, the young lads do a credible job.

(I still enjoy this vocal choir's take on Africa.)

According to NPR, the whole thing got started as a one-person Twitter campaign to get Weezer to honor the famous Toto tune. One thing led to another, and blammy! The Internet is abuzz.

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