Jon Hamm, Ed Harris join ‘Top Gun 2’ cast

Published August 23 2018

Say what you want about Top Gun 2: Maverick, but the news coming out of production continues to amaze and/or stupify '80s fans. The latest scoop comes from, which reports that Jon Hamm and Ed Harris have joined the cast.

Seriously? Don Draper from Mad Men and John Glenn of The Right Stuff? Compelling picks for sure, but in what roles? We don't know yet. All Movieweb will say is that the plot does indeed revolve around Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (Cruise) returning to the Top Gun school to guide a new generation of pilots – only this time the role of droids play a bigger role in combat. (I can sort of picture either Hamm or Harris playing an evil defense contractor bent on undermining our air defenses with inferior droid technology, but that's too predictable. Right, Tom?)

Other confirmed co-stars include Val Kilmer (returning as "Ice Man") and Jennifer Connolly (playing the female lead that Kelly McGillis had in the original 1986 movie).

Top Gun 2: Maverick is still winging its way to a July 2019 premiere.

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