Freddy Krueger to guest star on ‘Goldbergs’ Halloween episode

Published September 23 2018

"One, two, Freddy's coming for you." Finally some news from Hollywood that is as much fun as it is frightening. Actor Robert Englund will reprise his role as Freddy Krueger in the Halloween episode of TV's The Goldbergs. Watch a promo video on the show's official Twitter page.

As most fans of the original 1984 movie A Nightmare on Elm Street know, Englund had long ago swore he wouldn't return as the horror character, citing his age. (He's 71 now.) It has been 15 years since he last sat through the makeup process to become the infamous villain of our '80s dreams.

The Goldbergs episode will be titled "A Nightmare on Elk Avenue" and feature the character of Adam and his reaction to seeing the 1984 film. No word on the exact air date so I guess we'll just have to keep watching every week.

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