‘Die Hard’ toys coming soon from Funko Pop

Published September 27 2018

Yippee-Ki-Yay, '80s fans: Die Hard toys are finally coming from Funko Pop. According to Movieweb.com, thet will be available for sale in late October and will feature figures for John McClane, Hans Gruber, Sergeant Al Powell and Tony Vreski.

Fans of the movie, which turned 30 years old in July, will admire the attention to detail. McClane is barefoot and bloodied, and Sgt. Powell is carrying an armful of Twinkies. Vreski, for those who have forgotten, is the terrorist that McClane kills and then dresses him in a Santa outfit to warn his colleagues. (Could this be the first dead Funko Pop figure? We're not sure, but we certainly hope so.)

In addition, there are two versions of Hans Gruber. What to take it all the way, Funko Pop!

Bruce Willis and the late Alan Rickman plays the hero and villain in the 1988 movie, which spawned a seemingly never-ending chain of sequels (though actually it's only been four).

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