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3 flicks from '80s make list of all-time best heist films



I'm not going to remotely make a case that the '80s were THE decade of "heist movies." Hell, I can make a better case that our beloved decade had zero great heist movies. But Paste Magazine managed to include three '80s flicks in its brand-new list of the best heist movies of all time.

Here they are, along with an excerpt from Paste:

THIEF (1981): "Few filmmakers have probed the psychology of what exactly it means to be a criminal quite like writer/director Michael Mann."

A FISH CALLED WANDA (1988): "This ensemble piece shows what can happen when four skilled comic actors (John Cleese, fellow Monty Python alum Michael Palin, Kevin Kline and Jamie Lee Curtis) are given a script (written by Cleese) that puts them all on equal footing."

DIE HARD (1988): "Die Hard may be the 'stickiest' film of its decade—how many best-laid plans have been derailed by running across John McTiernan’s masterful actioner on cable?"

What? No Romancing the Stone?

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