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3 movies from the '80s that aren't as bad as you think



I'm under no illusion that the '80s were the golden age of film. For every Breakfast Club, there's a Gymkata. But has put out an interesting list that's worth examining: 30 films that aren't as bad as you thought. And of course, a few '80s gems made the list.

Here are the three '80s flicks that made Totalfilm's list, along with a quick quote from the website:

The Razor's Edge (1984): "Murray gives one of his most interesting performances for a film that’s as eccentric as the actor himself."

Ishtar (1987): "While it’s silly and often dim-witted, it’s got some great songs (courtesy Paul Williams) and the against-type casting is a masterstroke."

Superman III (1983): "If the comedy is often silly, though, the film’s ace card is the fake Kryptonite that turns Superman evil."

Don't even get them started on the worst sequels of the '80s.

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