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30 years later, here are the top 10 movies of 1984



Could it be possible that movies we watched in theaters in 1984 turn THIRTY YEARS OLD this year? Bizarre. Can you imagine back in 1984, people might have been pining away for movies made in 1954?? Whoa. "Oh sure, Gremlins is cute, but you kids should have seen Creature from the Black Lagoon or Dial M For Murder."

We'll have plenty of time this year to go movie by movie from 1984, but here were the box office top 10 from that year.


10. SPLASH ($69.8 million): Ron Howard and Tom Hanks were suddenly bankable in Hollywood, a streak that pretty much holds up to today. And John Candy taught us some Swedish. Too bad we rarely get to see this on TV anymore.

9. STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK ($76.4 million): It's not logical that this movie was in the top 10; it's among the weakest of the franchise. But it cashed in on the karma of Khan. And it has the killer line: "You Klingon bastards, you've killed my son!"

8. ROMANCING THE STONE ($76.5 million): I honestly think this might have been the first time I'd seen Michael Douglas in a film. "Look at those choppers!"

7. FOOTLOOSE ($80 million): Maybe the first true classic from this list. A movie I've owned on VHS and twice on DVD (not to mention owning the soundtrack on every medium possible.)

6. POLICE ACADEMY ($81 million): It's important to remember that Steve Guttenberg once sat on top of the world. And that "Blue Oyster Bar" is still a classic punchline.

5. THE KARATE KID ($90.8 million): Do you get weirded out when you learn that Ralph Macchio today is as old as Pat Morita when this was filmed? I haven't done the math on that, but I will. I hope we're all wrong.

4. GREMLINS ($148 million): Are you kidding? $148 million!! Wow. And talk about a movie you never see on TV anymore. How many people remember all the Gremlin rules by heart?

3. INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM ($179 million): Like Star Trek III, this is a bit of a dog borrowing some zen from its predecessor. It used to be the worst in the franchise until Kingdom of the Crystal Skull fixed that.

2. GHOSTBUSTERS ($229 million): Every time I hear (and write about) an update in plans to make Ghostbusters 3, I think back to this very simple, humble movie. Did you know in France, there is no translation for "Ghostbusters" so they just say "Bill Murray Fights Funny Ghost?" Actually, I'm just making that up. Still with me?

1. BEVERLY HILLS COP ($234 million): We all fell for the banana in the tailpipe.


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