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30 years later, Transylvania 6-5000 still on the wrong track



There's a reason nobody waxes poetic about the 1985 horror/comedy Transylvania 6-5000. To put it in the immortal words (or word) from Entertainment Tonight critic Leonard Maltin, it "stinks." (Or "stunk" - I see various tenses of the verb reported from various sources, but I think we get the general picture.)

Maltin's infamous one-word review aside, Transylvania 6-5000 was probably a movie lost between the cracks of its own mistaken identity. The whole black comedy genre of the '80s probably wasn't perfected until Beetlejuice three years later. And stars Jeff Goldblum and Ed Begley Jr. really hadn't found their particular niche in the trade at this point.

Released Nov. 8, 1985, Transylvania 6-5000 follows the exploits of two supermarket tabloid reporters (Goldblum and Begley) who are very reluctantly sent to Transylvania to follow up on a creature believed to be Frankenstein's monster. You see? I've lost you already.

To this day, Transylvania 6-5000 gets a 20 percent fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even the famed movie Roger Ebert appears to avoided seeing or reviewing it.

Here are five things you probably didn't know (or care about) when it comes to the infamous movie.

1. The movie title, as we know from ancient pop culture history, is a play on Glenn Miller's song Pennsylvania 6-5000. It was originally conceived as a TV movie with Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari (those lovable Bosom Buddies) as the stars.

2. The movie was funded by Dow Chemical. Why? It turns out the company had financial assets inside Yugoslavia (where the movie was shot) that by law couldn't be spent outside the country.

3. Jeff Goldblum met Geena Davis for the first time on the set of Transylvania 6-5000. It was the first of three movies that'd make together, including The Fly and Earth Girls Are Easy.

4. Goldblum and Davis married in 1987. They divorced in 1990.

5. The movie's biggest stars are also pretty tall as well: Goldblum, Begley, Davis, Michael Richards and Jeffrey Jones average 6' 3" in height.


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